What You Can Learn About Your Cannabis By Studying The Ash And Soot

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Seasoned marijuana users can talk in excellent information about the lots of methods you can figure out the quality of your marijuana through a range of aspects.

The most typical elements of the herb that individuals take a look at are the buds and its odor, however a lower recognized element of it is the ash it produces. It’s something that can inform you a lot about how tidy the marijuana is.

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In this short article, we’re going to cover the numerous colors that cannabis ash produces when vaporized, and how specific phases of the growing procedure can impact it.


Many marijuana lovers argue that when cannabis produces white ash, it’s since the marijuana was flushed prior to harvesting.

Flushing is done by some growers when the plant is approaching the conclusion of the growing procedure. Throughout this practice, the plants are just offered tidy water throughout the recently or two. When growing utilizing hydroponic systems, water is normally blended with nutrient concentrations, or other things such as salt, which impact the PH of the soil. When there is a build-up of minerals whether in hydroponic or soil marijuana development systems, this can result in nutrient burn. The signs of nutrient burn are yellowing or curled leaves, though the chemicals and nutrients can likewise be built up in smaller sized quantities that aren’t apparent up until you take your very first puff of the weed.

However, when the marijuana has a crackling noise, this can be an indication that excess nutrients built up within the plant. It might likewise be since the treating procedure wasn’t done effectively.

Flushing is mainly done to improve the taste of the marijuana plant, yet it’s rather costly to do so. If marijuana wasn’t flushed well, this can add to a dark or black ash.

Not all growers flush their marijuana, however expert farmers understand that it’s a crucial procedure for growing quality marijuana.


Other individuals think that treating impacts the ash. This procedure, which is performed in food and not simply marijuana, indicates that the plant matter is prepared to be saved for extended periods of time. With marijuana, plants are treated by letting them dry or hang out for as much as 2 weeks. As soon as growers see that the majority of the wetness has actually vanished, the marijuana buds are then kept in an air-tight container for around 6 weeks.

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When marijuana is treated throughout this time, any excess wetness is kept in the container. Any gases can be launched throughout periods. It will enable germs to eliminate any recurring substances that might impact completion taste.

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Many growers think that treating plays an essential function on the general smoothness and taste, and it likewise impacts the quality of your smoke.

Other Best Practices In Growing For Better Ash

For farmers to enhance the smokability of marijuana, there are other things you can do while growing it.

  1. Turn off growing lights a couple of days prior to harvest: Decreasing chlorophyll material quickly prior to harvest specifically in the last 2 days in the past will reduce the starch and sugar material has actually been shown to enhance smokability, leading to a whiter ash.
  2. Reduce temperature level in the last couple of weeks of its blooming cycle: Decreasing temperature levels while boost purple colors specifically to stress that are genetically inclined to it. Research studies reveal that doing so will likewise deteriorate chlorophyll however likewise make certain to remove humidity, which can be hard with lower temperature levels.

Ash Color

If you genuinely wish to see how tidy your marijuana is, smoke it.

Then, observe the ash. If the ash color is that of a darker gray or black, that might suggest that there were undesirable substances or perhaps minerals in the marijuana you taken in. If the ash color is white or light gray, then the agreement is that marijuana is extremely tidy.

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If the ash turned black or dark grey, this might suggest that marijuana wasn’t treated or flushed appropriately. When the growing procedure leaves minerals and undesirable sugars due to the fact that of incorrect treating, the cigarette smoker can observe a sensation of throat burning in addition to dark ash.

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Other Aspects To Look Out For

Aside from the color of the ash, there are other things you can observe when smoking cigarettes your marijuana.

One is the texture; good-quality and tidy marijuana has a fragile and light texture. If it was collected leaving remaining fertilizer, fungicides, or pesticides, then the ash will come out as difficult and rough. Usually speaking, you desire the ash to be comparable to a great powder. You can check it by taking a couple of puffs to see if it will produce any ash that you can take a look at, then remember of the texture at various times of smoking the joint in order to get more precise outcomes.

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You can utilize your senses to read more about the quality of your weed, too. Aesthetically, keep an eye out for mold at all times. If marijuana has any indications of mold, discard it instantly and do not even think about cutting it out then smoking it. Prevent consuming marijuana that is brownish or yellow-colored in color.

Use your nose, too: marijuana constantly has a really particular fragrance which you’ll get to determine much better the more you take in marijuana. Constantly prevent marijuana that smells grassy, or like hay.


Learning the lots of methods to determine much better quality marijuana is a great method to begin being familiar with the plant much better. This assists specifically if you ultimately wish to discover how to grow your own marijuana.

This post initially appeared on Cannabis.net and has actually been reposted with authorization.

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