What Is A Cannabis Landrace Strain?

Monday January 3, 2022

By Trevor Ross

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Various types of cannabis plants - Sativa, Indica, and ruderalis Growing

M ost of the marijuana pressures readily available today are hybrids, blends of warm sativas and paralyzing indicas. Pressures like Sour Diesel and GG # 4 do not grow in the wild, however have actually been selectively reproduced, normally in the international west, from older stress imported from around the globe. This asks the concern then: where did those pressures originate from?

The most initial marijuana stress we can discover, the stress which have actually sired whatever presently offered at the dispensary, are called landrace stress. In this post, we examine what landrace pressures are, how they vary from other stress, and where to discover them.

What is a Landrace Strain?

” Landrace” is a description (and even a title) provided to the most initial pressures of marijuana we can recognize. The earliest stress that botanists can trace back to is Hindu Kush, from the mountainous area of the exact same name that crosses Afghanistan and Pakistan. All existing cannabis pressures can trace their hereditary family tree back to this stress initially found in the Hindu Kush area. That is not the only pressure thought about to be a “landrace pressure.”

Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush is among th earlist landrace stress that have actually been determined.

The word “landrace” stems from the Dutch word for “nation,” in the rural or pastoral sense. A landrace type is any plant or animal that has actually adjusted with time to its regional environment to such a degree that it forms a special type. The brand-new type does not always need to come from that location, however with time ends up being an item of it. Comparable to marijuana, these various types are typically called after the location that established them, such as the Siberian Cat, or the Scotch Collie.

From Ancient Cannabis to Modern Marijuana

Cannabis usage was very first recorded in Chinese literature circa 2900 BCE, however archeological proof indicate usages as far back as 5000 BCE. Despite precisely when usage started, marijuana has actually been with human beings for a very long time, and people took it with them as they moved around the world. As marijuana got here in Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean, that Hindu Kush, no longer belonging to these brand-new soils, needed to adjust in time to brand-new environments consisting of light and rains patterns, and brand-new bugs. In the procedure of developing brand-new development patterns, these plants likewise provided brand-new physical and chemical characteristics.

For years, marijuana stress were divided into 2 groups: sativa and indica. Sativas like Thai and Durban Poison outgrew warmer environments, therefore showed high, slender development and sluggish blooming times that took in months of sunlight. Alternatively, indicas like Hindu Kush and Afghani adjusted to cooler mountain environments, displaying squat, bushier plants that might withstand the cold, and much shorter blooming times due to less sunshine.

The difference of sativa versus indica is mostly unimportant now due to the years of crossbreeding that started around the 1970 s, however it might still be loosely used to these landrace pressures, which breeders still cultivate for their unique and reputable results, refined over countless years of adjustment to their provided area.

Are Landrace Strains Better?

Landrace pressures aren’t “much better” by any significant metric, and they will not impart any impact that contemporary pressures can’t. They will not get you greater or assist with conditions any much better merely by virtue of their untainted genes. A glaring drawback to landrace stress is precisely what makes them special– they are as nature left them a thousand or so years earlier. If they are genuinely unchanged, they have actually not been reproduced to be more tasty, more medical, have greater THC or CBD material, or prettier colors.

Instead, landrace pressures are valued for their pureness and stability,, and are replicated to utilize as structures for reproducing their qualities into brand-new pressures (instead of reproducing a 9th generation hybrid that will bring a page-long list of possible hidden qualities).


Landrace pressures, like Afghani, prevail dispensary staples.

That stated, landrace stress like Thai, Afghani, and Hindu Kush are not unusual on dispensary menus. The latter 2, in specific, are typically staples of medical dispensaries due to the fact that of their powerful relaxing and pain-killing impacts.

Where to Find Landrace Strains

Aside from the couple of discussed above, landrace stress are challenging to discover far from their local origin since moving them, or growing them in various locations, topics them to ecological modifications, which the plants will undoubtedly start to adjust to. While the hereditary possibilities of a pressure (genotype) might be the exact same, the plant that physically results (phenotype) will be at least a little various due to its brand-new environment. To put it more succinctly: Acapulco Gold will still grow in a different way in Colorado than it will in Acapulco.


Landrace stress are the most initial, untainted stress of marijuana determined around the world. They have actually not been crossbred, however rather have actually been enabled to grow and replicate naturally in the wild, and over hundreds or countless years of adjustment to that area, have actually pertained to reveal a naturally taking place stress special to the location. Typical examples consist of Afghani, Thai, and Hindu Kush. (from Afghanistan, Thailand, and the Hindu Kush range of mountains, respectively).

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a landrace stress that stems from South Africa.

Landrace pressures are valued amongst growers for their steady and foreseeable genes, and are still cultivated and utilized to crossbreed brand-new hybrid stress, however there is absolutely nothing unique about them for the typical user. Lots of landrace stress might be less powerful or less medicinally efficient than more modern-day stress which are selectively reproduced for those functions.

Anyone searching for a real landrace experience might need to take a trip. Landrace pressures moved from their house soil, or grown in other places, will undoubtedly be impacted by the brand-new environment, leading to a somewhat various phenotype than the initial. That stated, ancient stress Hindu Kush and Durban Poison can be discovered in lots of dispensaries. Searching for real Acapulco Gold or Jamaican Lamb’s Bread might need a journey to those locations, or at least to location with comparable environments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does landrace pressure suggest?

A landrace pressure is a stress of wild marijuana special to its offered area. While all stress can trace their family tree back to Hindu Kush, pressures like Thai or Durban have actually adjusted over centuries to grow in locations like Thailand or South Africa, respectively, as though they were an item of that environment.

Landrace pressures are thought about “initial” pressures, rather than the outcome of crossbreeding.

Is landrace a sativa or indica?

A landrace pressure might be either depending upon where it is from.

Landrace pressures adjusted to warm or tropical environments (Thai, Durban) tend to be sativas, with long, leggy stalks and thin leaves, whereas landrace pressures in cooler environments (Hindu Kush) established much shorter, bushier plants with decreased blooming times.

When these landrace pressures are crossbred into brand-new mixes, and genes are combined, the indica and sativa labels end up being mainly unimportant.

How numerous landrace pressures exist?

A total list of landrace pressures will have a couple lots entries prior to dispute breaks out over which stress receive the name “landrace.” Stress like Mazar and Lashkar likewise come from the Hindu Kush area, so hairs are readily available for splitting if you’re interested.

For extra info, Olivastu has a breakdown here.

What’s your preferred landrace stress to smoke or grow? Let us understand in the remarks listed below!

Photo Credit: Photohound (license)

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