To Vape Or Not To Vape In Mexico

Mexico is a weird nation when it comes to marijuana these days, with irregular guidelines, and basic friction inbetween the federalgovernment and court system. We all understand that Mexico legislated marijuana by method of the Supreme Court, and hasactually been waiting on the authorities legislation for years. What may be less understood is that there’s likewise been an continuous debate particularly with vape laws in Mexico. Here’s the story.

The vape problem in Mexico is simply as ridiculous as in America, however at least Mexico’s Supreme Court shot down a restriction on vape items. We report on whatever associated to the marijuana market all over the world, which you can keep up with by subscribing to the THC Weekly Newsletter. As a benefit, you’ll get gainaccessto to excellent offers on items like vapes, edibles, and other paraphernalia! Further to that, we’ve got some fantastic uses on cannabinoid substances, like HHC-O, Delta 8, Delta 9 THC, Delta-10 THC, THCO, THCV, THCP & HHC, which will conserve you lots of $$. Head over to our “Best-of” lists to take benefit of these offers, and takepleasurein your brand-new items!

The vape restriction

Much like in America, there is rather a conversation going on in Mexico over the concept of vaping. As a part of post 16 of Mexico’s General Law for Tobacco Control, setup in 2005, “The trade, sale, circulation, displayscreen, promo, and production of any things that lookslike tobacco however is not tobacco, which consistsof e-cigarettes”, are all prohibited.

The concern acquired momentum on February 20th, 2020, when Mexico’s president Andrés Obrador put out a governmental decree, which was released in the Federal Official Gazette on that day, and which worked to restriction the import of ENDS items (electronic nicotine shipment systems), as well as non-nicotine vape items into Mexico, and all hardware included.

The restriction is an extension of shortarticle 16, and intended at actually whatever vape associated, particularly speaking of imports to Mexico. While Obrador mentioned World Health Organization details for his decree (something that goes extremely in contrast to his preliminary position when chosen of not being prohibitionist towards drugs), extremely littlebit considerable evidence was offered. In reality, he made this declaration:

vape ban

“That it hasactually been reported that the usage of these gadgets creates swelling of the breathing system, the boost of white blood cells, as well as bilateral lung opacities (spots in the lung), low oxygenation of the blood or even breathing failure, in addition to an increased levelofsensitivity of respiratorytract cells to viral infections… Its long-lasting usage is anticipated to boost the threat of persistent obstructive lung illness and lung cancer.”

What’s the issue? None of this has ever been shown. In truth, the UnitedStates, which is the house of the vape argument, couldn’t list more than 68 validated deaths from 29 states (and DC), from the start of vaping in basic til February 2020, and this while the nation boasts 480,000 smokingcigarettes deaths annual, consistingof 41,000 from previouslyowned smoke alone. How much of a death toll in Mexico? According to Tobacco Free Kids, this amounts to 63,200 deaths a year, which is 9.7% of all deaths in the nation annual. Much like the FDA continuously attempting to make smear projects on vaping in America, it appears Obrador is doing the verysame. He even went as far as stating as per the WHO, that vaping presents:

“health threats for individuals in the environment exposed to the aerosol breathedout by [vaping product] users”, and that it “turns out to be a brand-new source of air contamination by particles, consistingof fine and ultrafine particles, as well such as 1,2-propanediol, specific Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and heavy metals (such as nickel and chromium), and nicotine”, concluding that “therefore, the boost in the concentration of poisonous compounds in the foreign aerosol, in relation to ambient air levels , represents a higher threat to the health of any exposed individual.”

Apparently Mexico is quite cool with that 63,200 annual death rate from smokingcigarettes. What’s the vape death rate? There infact isn’t one. In reality, a 2019 shortarticle noted the veryfirst verified vape death, with no evenmore official, or casual, data that I might discover. That death was technically a pneumonia death, and I saw absolutelynothing definitively connecting it to vapes, apart from the shortarticle mentioning it was. How vaping and smokingcigarettes can be related in this method, or even evenworse, vaping made to appearance more detrimental, is so essentially flawed… that the Supreme Court had to action in.

Supreme Court states its fine to vape in Mexico

These days, the Supreme Court of Mexico hasactually been working overtime to reverse bad policy. Not just did it reverse the restriction on leisure marijuana, however it likewise reversed Obrador’s restriction on vape items in Mexico. It did so in 2 actions, beginning on July 16th, 2021, when it struck down the import restriction as unconstitutional for “heat-not-burn” items. This reversed the governmental decree, and launched these items from post 16 oversite.

And then the Court when evenmore. On October 19th, 2021, the Supreme Court ruled yet onceagain on the subject, this time making the judgement that post 16 of the General Law for the Control of Tobacco – the law which restricted advertised vape items in Mexico, was unconstitutional since it damages totallyfree trade.


The choice came when Minister of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, Juan Luis Gónzalez Alcantara Carrancá, brought it in front of the Supreme Court for judgment, with an argument about the offense of the Constitutional liberty of equality. A vote went 4-2, nevertheless various arguments were utilized for those in favor of dropping the restriction, developing even more confusion as to a last text.

This doesn’t really produce a composed law for usage of these items. Much like with marijuana in basic, it sets case law, and makes it so that no lower court can go versus this judgment. This is helpful to wrongdoers who were dealingwith prosecution, however does not set up an straight-out legalization policy. Which is yet another example of Mexico having a difference inbetween Supreme Court judgments and composed law.

Mexico and marijuana legalization

Where else is Mexico in tremendous gray location? With marijuana legalization in basic. In 2018, the last of 5 successive Supreme Court judgments was made on the leisure usage and growing of marijuana. This resulted in jurisprudencia kicking in, when court judgments override composed law, which developed brand-new case law specifying that marijuana restriction is unconstitutional.

After actually years of congress preventing doing its task in composing up authorities legislation to match this, the Supreme Court lastly dropped the laws of restriction itself, however just associated to personal usage and growing, and still without composed laws to govern the choice. Which implies, though the Court has ruled that marijuana is technically legal, and can be easily utilized and grown in personal, the absence of composed legislation supplies no structure for a legislated market, or laws to govern any kind of usage at all, even that which was legislated.

The Supreme Court even kicked it up a notch assoonas onceagain in December 2021, when it ruled on a case started by the business Xebra Mexico. This had to do with the business production of low-THC hemp with a limitation of 1% THC. The court ruled that its unconstitutional to bar the production of low-THC hemp, significance Xebra Mexico (a Canadian subsidiary) won the right for production, basically requiring the opening of at least that market. The judgment is unappealable, which likewise produces case law assoonas onceagain.

What’s next?

I anticipate composed laws will come out at some point for these matters, or at least, they’re expected to. Not just does Mexico requirement its marijuana market totally began and controlled, however it requires a regulative structure for vapes now that all these items sit in legal gray location. What’s weirdest about all of this, is that every relocation forward hasactually been made not by Mexico’s federalgovernment, however by its Supreme Court.

cannabis mexico

The Mexican congress missedouton the end of the congressional season when 2021 passed, significance when precisely laws will be put in location to manage the marijuana market is up in the air. Technically congress hasactually missedouton anumberof duedates beginning in December of2019 At the last main duedate in April 2021 it did not ask the Supreme Court for an extension (like it did at all previous missedouton duedates), which madeitpossiblefor the Supreme Court to go ahead and drop the laws it did, which occurred on June 28th, 2021.

The vape market is not substantial in Mexico right now, mostlikely at least partially because of legal concerns. Other locations like the UnitedStates, Canada, and Europe have much greater vape use numbers, which can be seen merely by viewing the streets, or being out in public in basic. Vapes can be discovered for nicotine and marijuana items, however in paltry numbers compared to the places above. In Mexico, most smoke coming out of mouths is from cigarettes and joints by a broad bulk, and it appears Mexico might advantage considerably from some muchsafer cigarettesmoking techniques.


These days, it makes more sense in Mexico to watch the Supreme Court to see what policies will be setup, however this is not how it oughtto work. The Mexican federalgovernment has consistently dropped the ball, and this vape concern is simply another element of the Court having to fill in for the federalgovernment not properly doing its task.

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