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Laurel Leaf on Friday Dec 24, 2021

Cannabis brand builder and CEO, Lilach Mazor Power, has always relished the entrepreneurial challenge that comes with inventing something new.  Presently, close to a decade after obtaining an Arizona original license, she’s creating a fresh market niche for herself. And she’s able to carve this new niche by tackling and talking about a topic most shy away from.

Lilach just launched Revelry, a women-focused brand with a cannabis twist alongside her partner Stef Swiergol. The wellness collection brand, which is presently available in Arizona makes use of a plant-based approach towards healthcare conditions in women. The product was formulated towards conditions such as menopause and perimenopause and features CBD-infused intimacy oil and THC-infused day and night capsules.


Revelry is cannabis formulated to relieve common symptoms of menopause as well as to enhance the quality of sleep, mood, and focus during perimenopause and post-menopause phases.

The ingredients that makeup revelry are grown, formulated and packaged with care and attention. All these are to ensure women have an effective and safe experience with each dose taken. The capsules are low-calorie, completely hormone-free, and discreet. They are very effective on their own or as part of a medical menopause treatment diet.

The Revelry day capsules are effective at reducing irritability and anxiety, enhancing mood, and consist of a blend of 2.5mg each of CBN, CBD, THC, and CBG. On the other hand, the Revelry Night Capsules consist of 10mg each of  THC and CBD for therapeutic sleep.

Why do women need this?

Even though menopause is an overlooked subject more than 5,000 women reach menopause each day in the United States. Among the women, 75% experience lifestyle-inhibiting symptoms such as night sweats, hot flashes, and many more. In fact, a recent study circulated on the Medical News Today looked to evaluate these systems. The result revealed that women experience sleep disruption as they get older. This affects

  • About 26 – 42% of premenopausal women

  • About 39 – 47% of perimenopausal women

  • About 35 – 60% of postmenopause women

To this end, more research now encourages firms to pay more attention to women’s health issues. Based on an estimate, the global femtech solutions industry could see a major surge by 2025. Presently, the industry has an annual sale of  $648 million which could potentially rise to $1.15 billion by 2025.  Researchers are looking into what marijuana strains work best for menopause.

Establishing a movement

Lilach is also recognized as the founder of Giving Tree Dispensary which gained recognition early this year. This specific enterprise was the one that spurred the idea of establishing Revelry after so many years of seeing women battle menopause symptoms. In addition to that, only a handful of women found relief with cannabis.

The “parent” company, Giving Tree Dispensary was established in 2013. Since then, it has focused on providing Arizona with the highest quality of cannabis products both for medical and recreational uses. The company offers an online menu that was carefully formulated from a holistic approach to chronic pain relief support, and health. It also offers a wide range of high-grade and top-quality cannabis products.

Asides from flowers, Giving Tree Dispensary offers extracts, edibles, tinctures, concentrates, topical solutions, and cartridges. The Giving Tree Dispensary ranked 4617th on Inc. Magazine’s annual 5000 lists. This list ranks the fastest-growing private firms within the country.

It’s evident that Lilach has the expertise and years of experience to run Revelry and establish a trend for women within the cannabis industry. Lilach in one of her interviews asserted that the product line will help create a movement that will continue to evolve with the conversations around cannabis.  She continued to explain that she and her partner want women to feel comfortable talking about menopause. And most importantly, go through the perimenopause and menopause phase with ease and comfort. Lilach asserted that Revelry has truly come to fill the gap between the market and society in this regard.

Lilach also said she has never witnessed an honest, mature, and real depiction of menopause in modern culture. She asserts that the Revelry product line has a huge potential to change that. The couples affirmed that societies mostly tie women’s worth to their ability to bear and raise children and menopause denotes the end of that. Hence, women despise aging and don’t always want to have discussions around it. However, both Lilach and Stef want to redefine what womanhood is and teach women how to celebrate it.

CBD Products and Women’s Health Concerns

CBD is a primary ingredient in cannabis plants (like marijuana and hemp). It comes in various strengths and forms such as powder, pills, and CBD oil. It can be ingested, inhaled, and even absorbed through the skin.

Cannabidiol (CBD) products are praised as an organic and natural treatment for a broad range of women’s health concerns. CBD is said to have calming effects on mood, anxiety, and sleep. It also eases hot flashes, and boosts bone density by steadying hormonal changes of menopause. It possessee anti-inflammatory properties that cure acne, clear the skin, and calm rosacea.

However, even though a lot of women’s health care benefits have been attributed to CBD, there’s still the issue of administering the right dosage. The right CBD dosage towards women’s health care is still subjected to lots of guesswork which isn’t safe enough.

To take the trial and error out of cannabis dosing for women, Stef and Lilach established the Revelry product line. The product line is designed to meet the unique needs of women and find cures for their menopause symptoms.

Her partner Stef also added that there are lots of menopause symptoms treatment options available for women. However, a plant-based solution that is reliable and credible is second to none. This is what Revery is offering. The couples believe that the therapeutic features of cannabis will assist women in safely managing their symptoms. 


Revelry will sure help a lot of women better manage their menopause symptoms and assist them to live healthy lives. Asides from the healthcare benefits, Revelry as a brand will help push for a more realistic and mature conversation around menopause. And this will ensure stereotypes that surround women’s healthcare and menopause are properly addressed.







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