The Kush/Cookies Drift: Strains Similar To Dosidos

Not everyone can shop Leafly Strain of the Year 2021 Dosidos. But nearly anyone can enjoy the strain’s legendary grandparents, or hit progeny, or kindred strains with similar flavors and indica hybrid highs. Get ready to shop these 13 similar strains below.

Meet two families: OG Kush and GSC

Parents and children of the Dosidos weed strain: GSC, OG Kush, OGKB, Faceoff OG, Peanut Butter Breath, Moonbow, Dolato, Slurricane, and Duct Tape
The Dosi pedigree. (Leafly)

Fuel on top of fuel—when the Cookies and Kush families come together, their offerings saturate the scene in pungent, gassy fumes.

These two strain families are not known for holding back. That telltale sweet, musky chemical element present in both foretells powerful strikes of THC. But with so many different offerings from each family, it takes a lot to stand out from the seed packs, a feat which Dosidos has managed to achieve.


The Leafly Strain of the Year 2021 is Dosidos!

Dosidos is a collaboration between breeders from Oregon and the California Bay Area and has sealed its rightful place in the Kush/Cookies canon.

Expert cultivator Kevin Jodrey explains OG Kush grows in a more vine-like fashion. In contrast, Cookies (aka GSC) grows squatter and bushy, making combinations of the two ideal for cultivators looking for plants that don’t need as much structural support as OGs require. The combo brings together the sharp pungent richness of an OG Kush with Cookies’ sweet, creamy cookie dough elements.

Cookies hybrids, Jodrey says, are the Hindu Kush of modern time and the chassis a lot of strains are built on because they deliver the visual appeal of hard, chunky buds alongside a sedative stone.

Dosidos weed plant
Dosidos (above) mixes the widely available OG Kush and GSC—and you can, too. (Photo by Kandid Kush; licensed by Leafly)

“Dosi was an incredible base for so much of the modern work of today,” Jodrey says. “I think the era of Dosi as a popular variety is on the decline. But its impact was, without question, powerful because it really allowed a lot of people who wanted to access a good OG stock and a good Cookies stock in a replicable form.”

Dosidos has both purple and green expressions, each threaded with orange hairs and covered in frosty trichomes. The best phenotypes take the sweet, grapey purp Cookie flavor and douse it in kerosene. This sedative strain presses hard on the gas, which is just what we needed to take the edge off another challenging year.

Dosidos’ direct parents

Dosidos’ direct parents are pretty rare to see on store shelves. But their genes power a lot of great pot, so they’re worth highlighting.

The Leafly 2021 Strain of the Year came from the solid seed stock of Face Off OG and stabilized the prized Cookies cut OGKB, which tended to be low-yielding with hermaphroditic tendencies, into a strain with a more moderate yield.

In concept, [Face Off OG] sounds horrifically violent and painful, but like the film, it can actually be pretty entertaining in the right circumstances.

Face Off OG father

Cue the white doves flying in slow motion: the ’90s are back in fashion, and here we’re talking about Face Off OG. This phenotype of OG Kush has been a longtime staple of Archive Seed Bank. Archive’s breeder Fletcher Watson, AKA ThaDocta, explains that in the late ’90s, particularly excellent batches of OG Kush began showing up in Southern California’s underground market. ThaDocta scored a half dozen seeds and selected the plant that left smokers with a “skull-crushing high.”

Like John Woo’s 1997 action thriller Face/Off starring John Travolta and Nicholas Cage, the idea was that this strain could take your face off. In concept, that sounds horrifically violent and painful, but like the film, it can actually be pretty entertaining in the right circumstances.

This strain is dominant in the most common terpene, myrcene, which has flavors of earthy, spicy flavors and is the only way cannabis researchers get to use the very scientific term “couch lock.”

OGKB mom

OG Kush Breath, or OGKB, is another powerful OG Kush cross. This strain is a phenotype of a GSC (OG Kush x Durban Poison) cut and was popularized by the breeder NorCal ICMag of NorCal genetics. NorCal explains that he picked up a clone of the strain from his homie OG Kush Breath and named it after his friend. NorCal also had cuts of other Cookies phenos at the time, Forum and Animal, and describes OGKB as a “mutant Cookies.” He famously saved the strain after OGKB the breeder asked him to clear out his space following a home invasion.

NorCal says initially OGKB wasn’t that desirable to grow because it needed more time in vegetation to develop a healthy canopy, and the seeds it produced were difficult to germinate. He met ThaDocta on online cannabis forums and the rest is history.

“[OGKB] produces fucking fire; the offspring is very promising,” NorCal says. “It was a finicky plant to basically get dialed in and whatnot… A lot of the stuff that comes from the OGKB tends to be pretty impressive.”

OGKB is most dominant in terpinolene, a terpene that is woody and floral. The word is NorCal is working on more OGKB offspring crosses with Compound Genetics.

Dosidos progeny

Peanut Butter Breath (Dosidos x Mendo Breath)

Peanut Butter Breath weed strain grown by Luminati, via The Green Cross SF. (David Downs/Leafly)
Straight outta Michigan: Peanut Butter Breath. (David Downs/Leafly)

This strain from ThugPug Genetics is just one of the many cannabis breeders have put out utilizing these two parents. It’s popular for a reason: like peanut butter, this one has a nutty, savory sweetness.

Lab tests report that samples submitted as ‘Dosidos’ tend to have a specific aroma fingerprint. Dosi terpenes tend to be dominantly limonene, with caryophyllene and then linalool in support. Peanut Butter Breath rocks this exact same terp profile. They’re terp twins! See also two more top terp twins: Kush Mints and White Runtz.

Slurricane or Dosi Punch (Dosidos x Purple Punch)

Slurricane weed strain nug
Sleet warning: Slurricane ix outdoors 2021. (David Downs/Leafly)

Cross the Dosi with a Purple Punch and now you’ve got a potent fuel strain that comes with an extra guarantee of expressing that coveted purple hue. This strain by In-House Genetics tastes a lot like the cocktail at Pat O’Brien’s: punchy and sweet, but strong enough to knock your face off on Bourbon Street.

Dosi Punch, an interpretation of the same cross that makes Slurricane, comes from Symbiotic Genetics, which proliferated the beloved sweet and sleepy Purple Punch strain. It, of course, tastes fantastic combining terpenes like caryophyllene (pepper) with limonene (citrus) and pinene (pine).

Dolato (Dosidos x Gelato 41)

Dolato is a combo of some of the most beloved strains in the Cookies arsenal, Dosidos and Gelato 41. Award-winning cultivator Alan of CRAFT Cannabis made some room for Seed Junky’s Dolato this year alongside an impressive handful of hybrids combining distinct cultivars with CRAFT’s own Black Cherry Funk.

Dosidos, Alan says, is a “pretty magical combination” of OG Kush and Cookies that’s great for cultivators because of the way it grows and its high oil production. Dolato takes that and couples it with one of the most popular new cultivars of the modern era.

Dosidos kin and kind

Mendo Breath (OGKB x Mendo Montage)

This one comes from Gage Green Group and is an OGKB pollinated by Mendo Montage. It’s got gas, of course. Think of this element like bitter black coffee in that it’s strong but pairs well with the other flavors that emerge in this strain—like vanilla, and caramel.

Sundae Driver (Fruity Pebbles OG x Grape Pie)

Cannarado Genetics created the Sundae Driver and Jungle Boys grows the best version I’ve ever smoked. This one is a lot more fruit-forward than others on this list and tastes like sweet grape candy with just a bit of underlying bitterness to give it a backbone. It’s not directly related to Dosidos, but it comes with the same terp profile: fruity gas.

See also: linomene-dominant strains with caryophyllene…and a twist

Gushers weed flower (photo by Chewberto courtesy Connected)
Gushers makes our mouth water. (Photo by Andrew Parker; Courtesy Connected Cannabis Co.)

Dosidos’ chosen family includes strains that share its two dominant terpenes—limonene and caryophyllene—but differ on the third. Swap in myrcene for linalool in the number-three terp slot, and you got these beloved heavyweights:

  • Wedding Cake
  • Gushers
  • Gelato #33
  • London Pound Cake
  • Jet Fuel
  • and Motorbreath.

With related strains like these, you can see why Dosi has ascended the throne to become weed royalty in 2021. Long live 2021’s Leafly Strain of the Year!

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Ellen Holland is an Oakland-based journalist who has written about cannabis since 2013. A former senior editor at Cannabis Now magazine, her new book “Weed: A Connoisseur’s Guide” debuts in October.

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