The Fix On Roku Debunks The Lies Perpetuated By The War On Drugs

Harsher sentencing on drugs causes tape varieties of imprisonment, yet information reveals that the present system has no influence on dependency– nor the decrease of illegal drugs that are offered.

” There needs to be a much better method,” a brand-new series on Roku marvels.

The Roku Channel will debut a brand new Roku Original The Fix, on Friday, January21 Star Samuel L. Jackson tells the eight-part docuseries, which is based upon the New York Times bestselling book Chasing the Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs, composed by Johann Hari. The book was equated into 15 languages as his 2nd best-seller. Hari signed up with the task as an executive manufacturer.

If Hari’s name sounds familiar– his popular TED Talk “Everything You Know About Addiction is Wrong” may call a bell. Why is it– that many people who are provided effective opioids out of surgical treatment do not become addicts? What actually triggers dependency? Is it the compounds that are in fact the issue, or something else?

Hari, who finished from Cambridge with flying colors, argues that locking individuals up in jail not does anything to fix dependency at the source, nor does the system work. The series was directed by Jeremiah Zagar, in addition to Nathan Caswell, Cassidy Gearhart and Josh Banville, and produced by Public Record, Jeff Hays Films and Story Syndicate. Hari, together with Jeff Hays, Jeremiah Zagar, Jeremy Yaches, Dan Cogan, Jon Bardin, Liz Garbus, Geralyn White Dreyfous worked as executive manufacturers.

” What if the script we understand so well hasn’t in fact kept us safe?” Jackson proposes in the trailer.

” Almost whatever that we, as society, believe we understand about drugs is incorrect,” The Fix Director Jeremiah Zagar stated in a declaration. “The United States has actually combated the war on drugs for years, however the agonizing repercussions of dependency continue to rampantly affect our neighborhoods. Roku Original The Fix boldly tackles this subject by exposing typical misunderstandings about drugs and highlighting alternative methods to dependency. Audiences will leave The Fix with a clearer understanding of how we can fight this complex crisis.”

The War on Drugs hasn’t made us any much safer, the series argues. “The murder rate has really increased,” considering that the War on Drugs started, one commenter states throughout the trailer.

We’ve understood the War on Drugs was a failure in fixing the issue of dependency for over 10 years. “Arresting and jailing 10s of countless these individuals in current years has actually filled jails and ruined lives and households without minimizing the schedule of illegal drugs or the power of criminal companies,” the Global Commission on Drug Policy 2011 report concludes. Many people understand that U.S. drug policy greatly affects international policies through the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs.

The group at Roku wants to enter into the discussion as the U.S. gradually has a look at drug reform– significantly seen in marijuana reform legislation.

Brian Tannenbaum is Head of Alternative Originals at Roku. “We make every effort to provide vibrant storytelling that both entertains and notifies our audience,” Tannenbaum stated. “Roku Original docuseries like The Fix do simply that by peeling back the drape and mentor audiences something brand-new about the most appropriate cultural subjects. We eagerly anticipate bringing the mind-blowing stories in The Fix to audiences this January.”

Some households with drug-addicted member of the family believe that sending them to prison will require them to get tidy. Not always. The Marshall Project highlighted the overdose crisis in U.S. jails. That’s right– they still have access to drugs once they get in. It pleads the concern– what precisely is the point of locking up drug addicts?

Also have a look at Hari’s book Stolen Focus, which critics considered “harmful.”



Benjamin M. Adams is Staff Writer at High Times, and has actually composed for Vice, Forbes, HuffPost, The Advocate, Culture, and numerous other publications. He holds a Bachelor of Communication from Southern New Hampshire University.

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