The Cost Of Opening A Cannabis Dispensary In New Mexico & Mississippi


While Mississippi justrecently endedupbeing the newest state to legislate medical cannabis, New Mexico took a giant leap to start leisure marijuana sales from April 1,2022 Both these states are rather various, and the expense of opening a dispensary can differ. However, comparable to other markets, marijuana services need physical places, determined groups, high-quality items, and innovation, which expense around the verysame, no matter which state you run.

Operating a dispensary is not simply another routine company. Starting a marijuana service requires state applications, licenses, charges, and computersystem hardware and softwareapplication that comply with tracking requirements and other policies. In this blogsite post, we discuss the application and licensing expenses for opening a marijuana dispensary in New Mexico and Mississippi, and then dive into all other standard expenses that every dispensary should sustain to launch a effective service.

How Much Does it Cost to Open a Cannabis Dispensary in Mississippi?

Cannabis policies in Mississippi are still being developed, and ā€˜The Mississippi Department of Revenue (MDOR)ā€™ will start accepting medical cannabis treatment centers applications by July2022 Mississippi will not limitation the number of dispensary licenses, however the preliminary application cost starts at $15,000. All dispensary licenses provided by the department for the Medical Cannabis Program will be legitimate for one year from the date of issuance. Dispensaries will likewise have to pay an yearly non-refundable cost of $25,000 to preserve their license. Weā€™ll talk about other expenses in the subsequent areas.

How Much Does it Cost to Open a Cannabis Dispensary in New Mexico?

As compared to Mississippi, it is reasonably moreaffordable to use for a retail dispensary license in New Mexico. Annual charges for a dispensary license are $2,500 and an additional $1,000 for each extra certified facility. In reality, all these costs are minimized by half for medical cannabis dispensaries just. Thus, if you are just operating a medical marijuana treatment center in New Mexico, you requirement to pay an yearly license cost of just $1250. New Mexico has likewise developed social equity arrangements and ‘The Cannabis Control Division’ will deal discountrates on license costs to candidates from a neighborhood disproportionately affected by marijuana restriction.

Initial Capital Requirements and Banking Fees

Opening a marijuana dispensary needs greater capital requirements than other retail sectors. Some states might likewise ask for monetary declarations to show that you have enough liquid possessions to keep your organization running. Your capital requirements consistof preliminary expenditures, financialinvestments, and start-up expenses. Since marijuana is still prohibited federally, huge banks are cautious about doing organization with dispensaries. Using regional credit unions is a typical alternative rather of a standard bank. Some little personal banks can charge up to $2,000 a month for their services.

Real Estate Costs and Location Challenges

You will mostlikely be leasing retail area unless you own a area. An location that has excellent exposure and high steps would be perfect. With zoning constraints, youā€™ll mostlikely discover it difficult to find a great place for your marijuana organization, however genuine estate expenses are good in New Mexico and Mississippi. In both the states, the lease of a retail shop varies inbetween $20/sqft and $40/sqft everyyear, depending on the area. However, numerous proprietors might be hesitant to have a marijuana dispensary on their facilities, and youā€™ll mostlikely have to pay a premium.

Construction, Infrastructure, and Technology

Once you haveactually selected an perfect place, you might have to invest $10-15/sqft in style and remodellings to satisfy guidelines, match your brandname identity, and enhance shop circulation. Dispensaries are likewise mandated to have a security security system, so include on at least $20,000 for that. Your tech facilities, consistingof tablets, computersystems, money drawers, invoice printers, barcode scanners, andsoon, will include to your inadvance capital expenses. Investing in a reliant POS like Cova will provide you a greater return on your preliminary financialinvestment.

Cannabis Products Costs and Employee Wages

To keep a routine supply of marijuana stock, you will requirement to buy items in bulk, and topquality marijuana might expense you up to $1,500 per pound. You should likewise designate enough cash for productpackaging products and labels. Efficient inventory management can aid keep expenses low. Your dispensary likewise requires fully trained workers for smooth operations. A couple of budtenders, a manager, and a shop supervisor will quantity to an yearly payroll of around $200,000 in New Mexico or Mississippi.

Marketing, Taxes, and Other Operational Costs

Cannabis is amongst the nation’s highest-taxed and extremely controlled markets, and marketing and marketing constraints just include to the expenses. You can anticipate to invest at least $20,000 or up to 10% of your sales income on marketing and marketing eachyear. In Mississippi, medical cannabis items will fall under the stateā€™s existing 7% sales tax. In New Mexico, the marijuana importtax tax on retail sales is presently set at 12%, and gross invoices taxes, varying from 5.125% to 8.8125%, would use to leisure however not medical marijuana.

Despite the hundreds of thousands of dollars needed to open and run a marijuana dispensary, almost 90% of operating dispensaries report that they are rewarding, and you can definitely make great cash as a dispensary owner. If youā€™re looking at opening a dispensary in New Mexico or Mississippi, Cova can be your innovation partner, guide you through the entire procedure and assistance you set up a certified dispensary in no time. Click listedbelow to discover more.


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Faai Steuer is VP of marketing at Cova Software, the fastest growing marijuana retail POS in North America. An businessowner at heart, she has a enthusiasm for growing start-ups and structure brandnames. With 20 years of marketing experience in CPG and retail tech, she provides her understanding and finest practices to assistance marijuana businessowners in the UnitedStates and Canada open their veryfirst shop and grow their organization through essential idea leader material. Faai manages the techniques and executions of Cova public relations, material marketing, social media, occasions, and projects.


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