The Cannabis Tech Ecosystem Stack Your Dispensary Needs To Succeed

Cova POS Powers Hobo Cannabis StoresAs a dispensary owner, you understand that you requirement softwareapplication services to make your service run effectively, and there are some essential innovation services that will assistance you handle administrative marijuana paperwork requirements and conserve you from expensive human mistakes or compliance offenses. Moreover, in today’s digital world, you requirement a marijuana environment stack that will constantly keep you ahead of the competitors and innovation partners that will grow with you.

Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all softwareapplication for marijuana retail — and it’s possible to have too lotsof tools in your retail tech toolkit. You have distinct requires, deal characteristics, and objectives for the future. At Cova, we understand that you puton’t desire to pay for performances that you puton’t require, and at the exactsame time, you desire to take complete benefit of the innovations that are right for you. Thus, with our partner tech community, we permit you to plug and play the softwareapplication options you requirement along with the POS system to makesure that you enhance innovation as per your requirements.

This blogsite checksout the marijuana retail softwareapplication choices and assists you choose what’s right for you. It likewise discusses why we think some performances are a “must-have,” and why other functions are useful just when the time is .

Must-Have Cannabis Retail Technology Solutions For a Dispensary

When it comes to your tech stack, some marijuana sellers might just requirement the bare requirements. Yet what makesup a “necessity” is constantly a matter of viewpoint. Dispensaries can still usage paper journals and spreadsheets to track their marijuana items and sales, however most of the effective ones have a handful of marijuana innovation services they thinkabout crucial. And smooth combinations inbetween the numerous innovation tools will constantly assistance simplify dispensary operations muchbetter.

Across the North American market, practical retail operations — the ones who sustain their organizations and their earnings — are utilizing the exactsame standard plan of softwareapplication performances. Others include more advanced functions, however there’s an vital “cannabis retail tech tool box” that fulfills the requires of today’s market. Regardless of your marijuana POS softwareapplication partner, you’ll desire to start with the following performances to makesure marijuana compliance and a excellent consumer experience.

A Cannabis Point-of-Sale System

A marijuana POS platform is your shop’s main worried system. It plays the most essential function in most elements of your marijuana company from stock management to e-commerce and shipment. At the register, your dispensary POS must objective to enhance the retail experience for both the budtender and the client by making deals smooth and accepting payments rapidly and quickly. Some advanced POS will have additional abilities like integrated ID scanners to aid conserve time monitoring consumers in while removing pricey compliance mistakes. 

By keeping your clients’ profile details of previous purchases, your budtenders can supply customized suggestions. And with item details allset on a tablet, even beginner budtenders can provide expert-level service.

Not all POS systems are produced equivalent. A effective marijuana POS can screen all the open orders from all the tablets in the shop, as well as all the orders put online on your marijuana e-commerce shop. Controlling order information with this cloud-based connection lets merchants produce unique retail environments inwhich consumers browse the flooring while their orders are puttogether in a backroom. And with the capability to view all pending orders, that backroom satisfaction location can perfectly manage online orders simply as however they were in-store orders.

Sales reports from your Cova POS integrate straight with Quickbooks® or export into other file formats. They likewise sync with METRC and other regulative systems — without the requirement for handbook entry. Moreover, sophisticated reporting functions minimize your payroll costs since they conserve time that would otherwise be invested auditing and fixingup day-to-day sales overalls. Your marijuana POS system needto have an open API so that you can quickly incorporate your other innovation services with it.

Dispensary Website, E-commerce & Online Menus

At the extremely minimum, a marijuana dispensary requires a fixed site — one that shows items, photos, and contact details. It informs customers about your brandname and offers them with fundamental details about the items you bring. However, it won’t be able to screen your existing stock, at least not properly without handbook updates. For that, you’ll requirement a little more sophisticated innovation. Native eCommerce platforms will assistance you set up an online marijuana shop with SEO-optimized material and complete discoverability for online exposure. 

An online menu — incorporated into your site and integrated with your POS — offers the next level of performance and audience engagement. With an online menu/POS combination, your stock shows in real-time with precise prices, and that can encourage customers to see your online shop rightaway.

Even muchbetter, you can accept orders and appointments, endingupbeing a real e-commerce website with in-person pickup. Ideally, have omnichannel buying in location in addition to your own e-commerce website. Omni-channel purchasing indicates that consumers can order in lotsof methods: in-store, over the phone, on your site, or through third-party markets.

A cannabis-specific POS will have combinations for online menus, included performance for sales on your branded site, and combinations with the finest marijuana e-commerce options. When you can offer straight from your site, your clients really engage with your brandname, and it’s mucheasier to stay linked with them on social media or through e-mail.

A Cannabis Inventory Management System 

Tracking item is important in the marijuana market, yet most POS systems wear’t have the depth to handle stock. For that, you’ll requirement a different stock management system or a POS with stock management abilities.

An stock management system keepstrackof stock levels in real-time, enabling you to re-merchandise or mark down slower moving products, and transfer products inbetween shops. In the marijuana market, your stock management system should interact with regulative databases, too, for seed-to-sale tracking, and smooth combination with traceability systems like Metrc makes it much mucheasier to handle stock at your dispensary.

Good stock management likewise keeps your item levels precise for your consumers. With several sales channels from third-party sources, preserving precise information endsupbeing a high job — one needing several combinations and real-time synchronization. Two-way synchronization with third-party sources makessure your clients will neverever be dissatisfied when they gethere at your dispensary or, evenworse, send an online payment for a item that’s out of stock. 

A marijuana stock management system assists keep those items on hand, too, by making sales reports and stock auditing simple. Daily, weekly, and regularmonthly reports offer you an precise view of your item motion: what’s offering, what isn’t, and what has the greatest turnover ratio. You can usage that information to make stock options based on moving customer tastes and experiment with brand-new items, all while quickly tracking the outcomes.

Menu Boards and Digital Signage 

Most marijuana merchants haveactually dumped the menu blackboard for digital shows, and most usage an stock combination to make sure the items they program are in-stock and precisely priced. Digital signs goes beyond a easy cost list to deal homeentertainment and unique offers. You can run promos that screen throughout at all your shops — or simply one of your shops — and quickly modification the images and copy of your advertisements. Some dispensaries usage their digital signs for homeentertainment too, by running videos that stimulate their brandnames or describe their items.


The Deluxe Cannabis Retail Tech Toolbox

An sophisticated marijuana merchant will have all of the marijuana dispensary innovations noted above as well as some of those noted listedbelow. The more advanced a dispensary operation endsupbeing, the more it uses information to enhance its results and broaden its reach. While the following includes might not be ideal for little merchants, business marijuana sellers are utilizing them to grow their services and get evenmore ahead.

A Cannabis Delivery Service

Cannabis shipment services were emerging even previously COVID-19. Now, numerous states and provinces authorization certified marijuana shipment, and shipment orders are an necessary earnings stream for lotsof brick-and-mortar dispensaries. To carryout a shipment service, you’ll requirement a system that can arrange orders from several sources. And you’ll requirement a method to sector the booked marijuana items from the rest of your stock. They’re still in your stock; they’re simply not offered for sale to other consumers. Your POS combinations can collect all of your orders in one controlpanel, making satisfying and dispatching them simple.

Since you have to understand where your item is at all times, you’ll likewise requirement a certified shipment management softwareapplication to arrange your shipment into effective shipment paths. That exactsame softwareapplication will track your motorists bymeansof GPS to guarantee they’re on-task and on-schedule. Regulations frequently need a recorded record of shipment paths. Delivery management softwareapplication is the just practical method to create certified shipment manifests and make that takeplace.

At the doorstep, your shipment workers will requirement to check IDs and gather signatures. POS tablets make that simple, and some have the ID-scanning innovation you’ll usage at your shop. It’s crucial that the POS system utilized for shipment be practical off-site. A cordless hotspot might be readilyavailable on the roadway, however it’s not a dependable service. So, you’ll desire POS tablets that can work offline and sync stock when web connection resumes.


A Dispensary Loyalty Program

A commitment program benefits your repeat clients with unique offers and shop credits when they invest a predetermined quantity. Ultimately, it enhances your sales and constructs lasting relationships. Some POS systems come with a integrated commitment program that enables you to track points and turn points into benefits. However, if you desire sophisticated abilities, you might requirement to include extra tools.

Adding a marketing combination permits you to sector your clients based on how they store at your dispensary and what they purchase. Then, you can deal various types of promos for each client type. Advanced commitment combinations likewise let you interact with your consumers bymeansof e-mail and SMS text interaction for even muchbetter connection.

Clienteling Capabilities 

Some POS systems takeadvantageof commitment information to do more than develop repeat organization — they enhance the client experience with clienteling, the practice of tracking client information to supply muchbetter service and item suggestions.

A clienteling POS lets you produce specific client profiles that file purchases throughout numerous sales channels. The Clienteling app reveals your budtenders what item classifications a client stores for, their common rate variety, and how they generally choose to store (either online or in-store). Then, the system’s algorithms deal customized item suggestions based on the consumer’s purchase history. This develops a more appealing shopping experience, boosts trust, and eventually drives more sales and repeat company.

An Advanced Data Analytics Tool 

An innovative information analytics platform constructed into your dispensary POS system utilizes your sales history to guide you into muchbetter stock management. Based on what was offered in previous weeks or years, the system recommends ideal stock levels. And it’ll offer you feedback about which items and budtenders are carryingout well.

Cova POS likewise integrates market criteria information. Benchmark information, or market researchstudy information, is thoughtabout invaluable since it allows contrasts inbetween sellers and market standards. How will you understand how you step up — or where you can enhance — without understanding how other sellers are faring? With criteria information, you can recognize spaces in your efficiency and enhance.

Note: All Cova customers get complimentary gainaccessto to for totallyfree market information.

Surveillance and Security Systems 

In lotsof states and provinces, marijuana merchants are needed to setup monitoring and security systems. The systems puton’t have to incorporate with your dispensary POS, however if they do, it brings a lot more control and presence to your operations.

A marijuana POS that incorporates with your security cams can assistance willpower small occurrences of item diversion and keep muchbetter tabs on who’s accessing the register. With an incorporated security system, you can view your deals overlaid with the videocamera videofootage. That method, you can see if your budtender has correctly charged the consumer and keep tabs on your dispensary personnel. You can likewise line up your videofootage by the deal details.

ERP Integration Capabilities

As you grow into several areas throughout several areas, you might find business resource preparation softwareapplication (ERP) is required to keep all the balls in the air. An ERP system centralizes all of your business’s info into one database and automates regular jobs. Like a POS, an ERP streamlines lotsof service procedures and increases performance. Yet an ERP goes muchdeeper into human resources management, accounting, client relationship management, andsoon

No matter what are your requirements, Cova is prepared for you. Our platform functions an open API for ERPs like Oracle and Microsoft. The information from your POS (sales, stock, and staffing) submits into your ERP for an all-in-one control center for supply chain management, accounting, and HR.

Ready to include next-level performance to your POS? Or do you requirement to reconsider if your POS is truly right for your requires? With the best-in-class marijuana tech community, Cova POS and our smooth combinations with partner options will be all the dispensary tech stack you’ll requirement to prosper and scale your marijuana dispensary service. Schedule a conference with us now to discover more.


Written by

Faai Steuer

Faai Steuer is VP of marketing at Cova Software, the fastest growing marijuana retail POS in North America. An businessowner at heart, she has a enthusiasm for growing start-ups and structure brandnames. With 20 years of marketing experience in CPG and retail tech, she provides her understanding and finest practices to assistance marijuana businessowners in the UnitedStates and Canada open their veryfirst shop and grow their service through crucial idea leader material. Faai manages the methods and executions of Cova public relations, material marketing, social media, occasions, and projects.


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