The Cannabis Grow Light Battle – LED Or HPS?

What are the finest marijuana grow lights, LED lights or HPS lights?

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Joseph Billions on Thursday Mar 10, 2022

led or hps lights

All plants, consistingof marijuana plants, requirement light to prosper. In an outside operation, the plants with the finest gainaccessto to sunshine normally grow the finest. This is comparable to indoor operations, although they have little gainaccessto to sunshine. Grow lights are an synthetic medium for supplying marijuana plants with robust and nutritious light to cause a best vegetative and blooming stage.

LED Grow Lights

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are the brand-new kids on the marijuana block. This innovation is quick acquiring appeal amongst indoor growers around the world. When it was veryfirst industrialized, the manufacturers guaranteed the growers that it would attain increased development, increased yield, and an general boost in effectiveness in the crops. Its low expense appealed to growers, however they were quickly dissatisfied as the early items stoppedworking to provide on the guarantees. Instead, they got appeal as a less costly alternative to other grow lights with belowaverage outcomes.

Having gone back to the drawing board, the manufacturers of LEDs haveactually launched morerecent and muchbetter items. These brand-new LEDs can stand close to HPS in terms of marijuana performance. Premium LEDs haveactually been checked and tested to produce excellent marijuana plants with increased yields and effectiveness. The verysame can’t be stated for routine LEDs.

HPS Grow Lights

For years, high-pressure salt lights have set the marijuana market’s requirements. These grow lights come in various sizes, shapes, and wattages. They are really flexible and inexpensive.

The HPS light is designed after the high-intensity discharge lighting system, which makes it reasonably moreaffordable than other kinds of grow lights. They are prominent for having the suitable associated color temperaturelevel (CCT) for cultivating marijuana and hemp plants.

These lights are comparable to the metal halide (MH) grow lights, however the MH lights are muchbetter matched for the vegetative stage, while HPS is for the blooming stage. Experts claim this is so because the light spectrum of the HPS medium supports blooming muchbetter than vegetative development. They likewise worried that terrific results can still be gotten with the special usage of high-pressure salt light.

LED vs.ย HPS

LED is a reasonably brand-new development, whereas HPS hasactually been around for years. In truth, most of the morerecent lighting mediums haveactually developed on the existing plan offered by HPS. However, the questionable argument about which grow light is muchbetter is inescapable. Growers on each side constantly state that theirs is the muchbetter choice duetothefactthat it enhances the production of marijuana buds more than the other. This makes the whole conversation complicated. Which is another factor why both grow lights requirement to be compared.

The dispute inbetween LED and HPS revolves primarily around expense, ease of utilize, security, energy intake, and yield. The size of your indoor center, spendingplan, choices, and, most significantly, your goals as a grower figureout which of the 2 you’d settle for.


Grow lights run on electricalpower. The expense of running light for the whole development cycle can intensify rapidly. Grow lights are the greatest electricalenergy customers compared to the other devices running on electricalpower, like the fans timers and water pumps. Whichever lighting system you choose on, it should be economical and budgetfriendly.

In terms of running and upkeep expenses, the LEDs outperform the HPS. These light-emitting diodes work with less energy to produce the verysame light level. With LEDs, you can conserve on ventilation and upkeep expenses, as this devices is much cooler and has longer lifeexpectancies. The primary concern is that the inadvance expense of LED devices is greater than its HPS equivalent. But, you needto thinkabout the energy expenses that would be conserved over time.

In the search for a inexpensive grow light, you should comprehend that HPS is the just standardized devices and not all LEDs are of premium quality.

Ease of Use

LED and HPS lighting systems are fairly easy to usage. The guidelines are uncomplicated.

Premium LED items are full-spectrum and function like the sun to offer plants with the needed wavebands for all phases of production. Some LED items have changed to managing the color temperaturelevels. Setting up an LED grow light system is simple since they do not need ballasts. In contrast, the HPS is moredifficult to set up. They have to be linked to ballasts and timers to function completely. The ballasts are to guarantee the bulbs get the right level of existing, while the timers aid to automate the whole lighting system.


This is possibly the most essential heading in this dispute. There are lots of misunderstandings about this subject.

The veryfirst LEDs that were presented to the market fell brief of expectations. The belowaverage yields didnothave fragrance, strength, and taste and even weighed less than routine marijuana. As discussed earlier, this hasactually been worked on and enhanced to attain a affordable yield rate.

A premium LED system can now produce a comparable yield quality as a HPS system. A coupleof can even produce muchbetter yields than their HPS equivalents, offered all other conditions are controlled. Recent details reveals that 1000W of HPS light, or 0.5 per light watt, can produce over 450g of buds, while 1 light watt of LED light yields 1.16g of buds.


Both LED and HPS have security threats. Indoor marijuana growing is not a especially hazardous affair, however it’s finest to practice security safetymeasures for each piece of devices utilized.

For HPS lights, the main security issue rests on the high quantity of heat produced. Growers can be burned if they come into direct contact with the lights. While the plants suffer from heat damage, A ballast is an crucial security procedure in an HPS system as it guarantees the lights are not overfed with electricalpower. The complex nature of setting this system up in a grow space leaves a opportunity for human mistake, resulting in preventable mishaps.

On the other hand, the unstandardized nature of LED systems leaves space for security problems resulting from power cuts, malfunctioning parts, andsoon

Bottom Line

For example, LED and HPS grow lights have their selling points and drawbacks, which makes them appropriate for numerous types of growers. You can usage the above info to make a educated choice inbetween the 2.








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