Stoned Politics – Is This What An Honest Politician Looks Like?

Gary Chambers, Jr. goes vira after illuminating a blunt in his project commercial

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Reginald Reefer on Tuesday Jan 25, 2022

Gary Chamers Jr Blunt

The business media lost their cumulative shit when Gary Chambers Jr launched his advertisement for running for the Senate. The area entitled, “37 seconds” starts with Gary Chambers stimulating up a huge phat blunt and his voice over stating, “every 37 seconds somebody is apprehended for ownership of cannabis …”

He continues dropping fact bombs like, “because 2010 State and regional authorities have actually detained 7.3 million Americans for breaching cannabis laws …”

All the while he’s smoking a huge fat blunt in a blue fit resting on a leather chair in the middle of a field. As he continues to tirade off statistics, he ends off his advertisement with “the majority of people apprehended aren’t dealerships however rather individuals in ownership of percentages of pot … like me!”

And with that he does his mic drop, “I’m Gary Chambers and I authorize this message!”

And kid did he struck a note with stoners all over. It ends up, just being sincere about your marijuana utilize nowadays can get a great deal of momentum.

I’m definitely rooting for Mr. Chambers who would be the very first Senator who would be a honestly stated marijuana customer … which would certainly set a precedent.

The Rise of the Common Man

We’re residing in a time where it has actually ended up being painfully apparent that there are 2 tiers to society. The Elite Class, that include Big Industry and Government, and the rest people. No longer can you reject the large overlap in between significant business interests and high political figures.

Hell, individuals started investing based upon the patterns of Nancy Pelosi and began making bank since it appeared that “Nancy understood something that the rest people didn’t”. This is something that is regularly the case and despite the fact that there are “laws” versus this type of action– the elite has actually discovered a method around everything.

Politicians and their households frequently make financial investments prior to the altering of a law– which by any other requirement would be thought about “expert trading”– however for some factor political leaders are devoid of following these guidelines.

When it concerns wealth, you just need to take a look at the number of individuals in Congress and the Senate are millionaires. Compare this to the remainder of the population and you can see that Congress and the Senate are basically playing by various guidelines than we are.

There is no longer any space for rejection on this therefore, when individuals like Gary Chambers take the opposite path, we see an instant action from the population. This is likewise why Donald Trump won– not due to the fact that he’s remarkable, or wise, or an outsider– however due to the fact that he was a various taste of madness and individuals were merely too sick of the usual business bullshit.

Thus, when individuals who are genuine start to step up the rest of society starts to fall in line. The “individuals” start to provide their loyalty, they want to go “above and beyond” merely to oppose the status quo.

We have actually reached a point in society where possibly there might be an increase of the “typical political leader”. A brand-new type of individuals who are going to increase as a direct outcome of the business ruled political class we are seeing nowadays.

Of course, this might produce issues when figures like Trump pirate the momentum of truthful gamers, however possibly it’s time that people all over start to drop their fealty to a celebration or a “side”, and rather to raise their eyes to greater suitables.

To stop voting democrat or republican politician, however to take a look at the concepts of the private prospects. Maybe it’s time to entirely piece the 2 celebration system and welcome a multi-party democracy, where individuals can be represented more properly.

Perhaps this is where Chambers still played it too near heart. He’s working on the Democratic Ticket. This might provide him a more powerful possibility at winning, however what occurs when you make it to the Senate? You’ll start to feel the impact of the “Democratic Party”, particularly when it comes to voting for “Partisan policy”. Even if you aren’t 100% in favor a specific product in a policy, if your celebration desires it passed– you finest shut it and vote “ay!”

Some individuals may attempt to argue that this just isn’t real, however unless you have actually lived under a rock for the previous couple of years– the reality of the matter is that politics is so “tribal” nowadays, that the person needs to play ball or be ostracized from the group. This is the nature of these type of political associations.

Nonetheless, I believe Gary Chambers will be the very first of a number of these sort of political leaders to come over the coming years. Possibly, we may even start to see individuals from various strolls of life and methods of thinking enter the spotlight.

For example, it’s just a matter of time till somebody with a fluid gender identity or a totally various ideology ends up being a political figure. I believe individuals are all set for more credibility and ideally the severe tribalism over the previous 2 years will provide individuals stop briefly to believe– “Maybe we can do much better?”

As for Gary Chambers, I do hope he wins. I do not understand his politics, however the simple reality that he had the balls to smoke a blunt in a blue fit while resting on a leather chair in the middle of a field is worthy of the acknowledgment.

What do you believe? Do you believe there suffices area within politics to enable individuals of various backgrounds to take charge? Are we destined this 2 tier political system, where the elite gets to do whatever they please and we are required to play by “plebe guidelines”?

Let me understand in the remark area and if you’re in Louisiana, stimulate one for Chambers! oREY & ab_channel= GaryChambersJr. c46 b1534-785 c-11 ec-83 e1-eaef0fe4b8c9_story. html





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