Oregon Cannabis: State Of The State (2021)

Welcome to the 6th yearly “State of the State” post on Oregon marijuana. This year was fairly staid compared to 2020, however essential functions consisted of: a plateau in prices and controlled sales; magnifying regional competitors; crucial brand-new laws, administrative guidelines and policies; a burrowed hemp market; and some intriguing big business activity.

Sales look great, however dig a little

Backed by strong pandemic tailwinds, Oregon soared past the $1 billion sales mark in2020 In 2021, the state will go beyond that number once again thanks to a huge start. Recently, however, things have actually slowed substantially, with a year-over-year decline visited each month because June.

Prices dropped throughout the fall as is normal after harvest. Today, the retail market is filled with $3 grams of flower and $5 edibles. Wholesale flower is performing at $900/ pound. today versus $1200/ pound. a year ago (and $1300/ pound. in July of this year). It’s not as bad as the massacre of 2018, however it’s difficult to picture the $1800/ pound. rates of yesteryear ever returning.

For anybody thinking about doing a much deeper dive on a few of these patterns, the OLCC keeps some excellent “Marijuana Market Data” sets here. What you will not discover in those sets are merchant reports that margins are much better than ever. Numerous of our customers have actually reported margin boosts of 5-10% over the previous year or more. The regrettable corollary, obviously, is manufacturers are suffering. Oregon cannabis manufacturers are permanently suffering. Craft marijuana growers in specific appear to have actually lost ground relative to low-priced growers, throughout COVID.

The environment stays competitive

At this time in 2015, Oregon had 719 certified marijuana sellers. Today, there are 760, for a 5.4% boost. The variety of manufacturers increased 1,177 from to 1,388 That is an 18% boost– which wasn’t required at all. Oregon likewise has 305 certified processors and 21 certified screening laboratories (sorry; I do not have numbers on these classes from in 2015). A grand overall of 1 certified scientist exists– we deal with them and it’s an amusing story.

The continuous uptick in licensees can be credited to a number of aspects. The very first is simply how simple it is– and has actually constantly been– to get an Oregon marijuana license. Yearly costs hover around $5K (plus another $5K in Portland), applications are primary, and residency requirements do not exist. The OLCC likewise did a good task refining its structured licensing program this year, in spite of staffing problems. The Commission revealed last month that it will resume processing brand-new license applications for everybody however manufacturers– following an extremely pregnant “time out” going beyond 3 years.

As to manufacturers, the SB 2018 moratorium on brand-new license applications sundowns in a couple of days, on January 2,2022 This implies OLCC will when again need to accept these applications. Whether the Commission processes them prompt is an open concern. Another huge concern is whether the Oregon legislature will instate another moratorium on manufacturer applications in the brief session starting on February 1. The wise cash states that it will.

The bottom line is things are rather in flux, as constantly, and rather difficult, as constantly. A challenging labor market does not assist. With no bona fide export chances on the horizon– in spite of some notable efforts– you can wager 2022 will be a grind too.

We anticipate to continue to assist purchase and offer a great deal of Oregon marijuana companies once again in2022 We’ll likewise support our longstanding customers on compliance, transactional and lawsuits matters, and wait as constantly for federal development. Which’s about it.

New laws, guidelines and enforcement activity

Every year, I compose a sneak peek of the Oregon legal session, and a summary at the end. You can anticipate the 2022 sneak peek next month, and you can check out the 2021 summary here. Instead of rework what occurred in the 2021 session, and in the interests of area, I wish to concentrate on a couple of crucial advancements. Both of these come from the omnibus hemp costs called HB 3000 (and to some degree SB 808).

1. Operation Table Rock

While the ink was still damp on Governor Brown’s HB 3000 signature, the OLCC released Operation Table Rock in coordination with the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA). The firms checked out 316 signed up hemp grow websites in Jackson and Josephine Counties, screening for undercover cannabis. The Commission’s summary of that effort is here. In other words, 110 operators were discovered to be unlawfully growing high-THC cannabis, whereas 102 operators returned with appropriate test outcomes. An overall of 76 farms rejected access to their homes (bad concept), and inspectors were not able to get in touch with an extra 23 places.

Ultimately, market watchers weren’t amazed that 58% of the samples taken in this effort checked favorable for illegal levels of THC. Much of that item was most likely meant for interstate sale; individuals have actually long considering that moved from the medical cannabis program to hemp for that function. That stated, smarter individuals than me disagreed with the precision of LightLab portable device tests utilized in these check outs. Issues over administrative law problems were raised also, although we do not have any of that lawsuits here in the workplace.

The Table Rock examinations likewise revealed prohibited water diversion from rivers and creeks (throughout a dry spell) and exploitation of immigrant workers. In associated news, the Oregon legislature satisfied on December 13 in a one-day unique session and devoted an extra $25 million to assist authorities, constable’s workplaces and neighborhood companies punish illegal cannabis grows (SB 893). It will not suffice.

2. OLCC Rulemaking

The 2nd notable advancement coming from HB 3000 has actually been OLCC administrative rulemaking. This Wednesday, December 28, the firm settled significant guideline modifications on a large selection of concerns. These modifications cover synthetically obtained cannabinoids, product packaging and labeling, concentration limitations, seller shipment and a fair bit more. This rulemaking should have an article of its own. In the meantime, please have a look at the extensive OLCC publication here.

Hemp is stuck

Participation in the ODA hemp market has actually dropped precipitously. The majority of our operate in hemp is lawsuits, nowadays, and even that is decreasing.

As far as market information, ODA does a bad task of publishing compared to OLCC. From what I can discover, however, approximated outside planted acreage reduced from 27,434 planted acres in 2020, to simply 3,800 in2021 Registered growers approximately cut in half, from 1,449 to780 One reasoning to draw might be less Oregon hemp farmers planting more acreage. Somewhere else, the State of Florida released an inadvertently amusing alerting about Oregon hemp consisting of rocks and sticks.

So what’s the genuine issue? Individuals tend to blame FDA for suppressing the market’s development. That is definitely part of the problem, however states have actually likewise split down greatly in the last number of years on delta-8 THC and ingestible and smokable hemp items. Many of all, hemp requires to broadly penetrate products markets, from fabrics to developing products. Till that occurs, Oregon will lag together with all the other states.

Big names in the news
  • Dutchie, the marijuana Ecommerce platform out of Bend, raised a really remarkable $350 million in a closed Series D. That business now boasts a $3.75 billion worth … an Oregon marijuana unicorn!
  • Curaleaf got taken legal action against up and down (9 times, up until now) for delivering a THC item in CBD product packaging. A tenth claim declaring wrongful death is on the method. Previously this year, its subsidiary Cura paid $500 K to settle its class-action suit connected to vape cartridges.
  • TerraTech Corp appeared to buy Unrivaled, which has a substantial Oregon existence primarily through LTRMN.
  • GoldenLeaf returned from the dead to obtain 5 Home Grown Oregon shops.


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