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The very first year of legal adult-use marijuana in New York appears as excellent a year as any to continue the Canna Law Blog’s custom of yearly reflection on all things marijuana (and now psychedelics too!). 2021 has actually been an innovative year for the marijuana market in New York. We anticipate 2022 to be another year of pressing towards a totally working marijuana market. Let’s have a look at the notable occasions of 2021 and what we anticipate to see in 2022.

Noteworthy Events in 2021

The Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA)

It might have taken a couple of years, a worldwide pandemic and a political scandal( s), however New York’s legislature lastly passed a thorough marijuana law that legislated adult-use marijuana. The MRTA likewise broadened New York’s medical marijuana program and revamped New York’s cannabinoid hemp program. We have the structure for a totally working and fair marijuana market, hold-ups in visits and issuance of guidelines and policies aside.

We will not rework the information of the MRTA, which you can check out here, here, here, here, and (watch) here (to name a few posts). The essential thing is that adult-use marijuana is now legal in New York and we are lastly moving on.

The Cannabis Control Board and the Office of Cannabis Management

Speaking of moving on, on September 1, 2021 New York started the procedure of really forming the Cannabis Control Board (CCB) and the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM). Beginning with the visits of Tremaine Wright as the CCB’s Chairwoman and Christopher Alexander as the OCM’s Executive Director, by the end of September 2021, all of the CCB board seats were filled (our writeups of the CCB board members are here and here).

CCB conferences

Beginning in October of 2021, the CCB started holding (semi) routine public conferences. As we have actually detailed in our summaries, the conference programs have actually been mostly administrative in nature as the CCB and OCM construct out the structure of New York’s regulative company. Independently, the CCB and OCM have actually pressed forward on broadening 2 programs as needed by the MRTA …

Expansion of New York’s medical marijuana program

Straight off the bat the CCB broadened New York’s formerly limiting medical marijuana program. Here is our summary. Here are the cliff notes: broadened acceptable prescribers, optimum supply for clients increased to a 60 day supply, and clients having the ability to acquire entire flower.

Rollout of the revamped hemp cannabinoid program

The CCB has actually executed substantial modifications to New York’s cannabinoid hemp program. We supplied summaries here and here. The huge ticket products: 1) cannabinoid hemp applications are being processed by the OCM, 2) a brand-new license type was developed for “Cannabinoid Hemp-Farm Processors” that permits producing flower items for hemp grown by the licensee, and 3) including a “craft” meaning of cannabinoid items.

On the horizon for 2022

Two things occurred around the turn of the year that are exceptionally substantial to New York’s adult-use marijuana market. We passed the opt-out due date for towns on December 31,2021 Second, CCB Chairwoman Tremaine Wright made a public declaration on the CCB’s issuance of adult-use guidelines and policies.

Municipality opt-out due date

As of January 1, 2022, here is where we stand: 642 towns, towns and cities picked to opt-out of retail dispensaries and 733 towns selected to pull out of on-site usage lounges. For those counting in the house, that is a 42% opt-out rate for retail dispensaries and a 48% pull out rate for on-site usage lounges. Those numbers might appear huge, however there are 2 essential things to keep in mind.

First, a variety of opted-out towns did so due to the fact that they felt that there was an absence of details on how New York’s adult-use marijuana market is managed. That validation makes a lots of sense considered that any town can choose back in with regard to either license type at any time (and can not opt-out if it at first chose in).

Second, New York’s opt-out rates are in fact substantially lower than surrounding states. The choose out rate for New Jersey is 70%. Broad view: the numbers show that New York is all set to accept adult-use marijuana.

Timeline for guidelines and guidelines

Did we bury the lede? CCB Chairwoman Tremaine Wright revealed that she is enthusiastic that New York’s adult-use guidelines and policies will be offered for public remark this month (January 2022), and open for public remark up until March2022 The statement came throughout the Crain’s New York Business Forum on December 15, 2021.

Chairwoman Wright included that the “she is adhering to the 18 month timeline that was proposed when the [MRTA] was enacted in March, however she hopes that services will have the ability to begin requesting licenses prior to September.”

That 2nd declaration is considerable in its own right, as Chairwoman Wright’s previous declaration relating to the 18 month timeline for issuance of licenses was presumed to range from her preliminary statement in November2021 This brand-new timeline would be crucial, as it makes up going up licensure by 8 months.

Of course the devil remains in the information. Making use of “hope” suggests that this brand-new timeline( s) is not set in stone and even a company dedication. It is an indicator that the CCB and OCM are accelerating their internal procedures.

New York marijuana in 2022

On the whole, our well-regarded coworker Hilary Bricken stated it finest: “[we] see 2022 as a structure year for New York marijuana, which will be a terrific chance for the state to establish its program in close performance with stakeholders of all kinds.” Here’s to an effective 2022 for New York’s marijuana market! We prepare to be here every action of the method.


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