Meet The ‘NJ Gas Man’ Bringing Cookies To New Jersey

TerrAscend’s Nick D’Amelio is the head of growing for some of NJ’s most preparedfor marijuana brandnames, consistingof Cookies

Nick D’Amelio hasactually been turnedover with baking up New Jersey’s just batch of the extremely in-demand Cookies brandname, along with premium flower for Kind Tree, Gage Growth, and numerous more.

As head grower for TerrAscend, which runs the Apothecarium dispensaries in Phillipsburg and Maplewood, Nick’s been preparing for NJ’s opening day of adult-use sales far longer than most stoners.

The New Jersey native was recognized as ‘NJ Gas Man’ priorto signingupwith the legal market at the state’s veryfirst dispensary in Montclair. After nearly 5 years in the legal videogame, he is now the head grower for New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

Nick signedupwith TerrAscend in 2019 and has assisted the business change an old farm in Boonton Township into one of the state’s leading grow operations. On the verysame land that once grew Christmas trees and pumpkins, NJ Gas Man is now supporting The Garden State’s next huge money crop.


How to discover New Jersey’s weed shops open on April 21

Leafly wentto Nick at TerrAscend’s NJ grow ahead of the state’s opening day of sales tomorrow (April 21). Here’s what we discovered about how one of The Garden State’s biggest suppliers is preparing to serve medical and adult-use clients in some of the state’s busiest markets.

Nick D'Amelio, head of cultivation for TerrAscend
No authorities Cookies on Day 1 of legal sales in New Jersey, however it’s coming. TerrAscend will be the just Cookies provider in The Garden State. (Jon Bain)

D’Amelio: I believe it’s gonna be dank, to be truthful. We’re gonna have a heap of customers that are coming out and attempting our items, and everybody else’s items.

I think it’s gonna be exceptionally effective for us. (We are) attempting to get item out the door as quick as possible from the retail side of things. We neverever rush growing, however I believe that it’s gonna be a genuine live market for us (on day one).

Like all the other states that kind of went rec right away, we’re gonna have a lot of individuals that are gonna wanna get item on the veryfirst day. I believe as The Garden State, we get to set the requirement with growing, however likewise to set ourselves apart from (states) who screwed up the veryfirst time they opened up leisure. We foundout from those errors. 


These are New Jersey’s top weed pressures

What we discovered from serving medical clients veryfirst

D’Amelio: After serving medical clients, the mostsignificant thing I’ve foundout is that it’s constantly clients over revenue. Patients come .

Before weed was legislated for all grownups, we served medical clients as an option treatment center (ATC). Some of those ATCs, consistingof 2 of TerrAscend’s, were authorized to broaden to rec sales beginning April 21, 2022.

It’s likewise quality over amount for us. … simply come out with fire and produce the finest quality medication or item that we can.

Nick D’Amelio, TerrAscend head of growing

It’s likewise quality over amount for us. We can produce as much weed in the world, however doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect for clients. We’re looking to establish particular items, whether it’s 15%, or up to 35% THC, or 1% to 3% terpenes, we wanna offer the finest medication for clients and we desire to continue that for customers.

Medical has likewise taught me that the most essential thing is simply being real, transparent and sincere about what we’re doing. And then simply come out with fire and produce the finest quality medication or item that we can.

D’Amelio: For New Jersey, we desire to make sure we offer the finest quality medication for the clients while still being able to produce high quality cannabinoids for the leisure market.

For the East Coast and anywhere else that we broaden, we desire to keep that quality over amount. We desire to offer the finest item that we can to everyone, whether it’s clients or customers. 

Leafly factor Mikhail Harrison smells the products at TerrAscend’s Boonton, NJ grow center. (Jon Bain)

Prioritizing medical gainaccessto priorto customer gainaccessto

D’Amelio: We will constantly make sure that we have medical supply for the clients, duetothefactthat without them, there would be no program. There would be no leisure without medical. So we will constantly focuson that .

To make sure medical gainaccessto is neverever disturbed, we’ll have different lines and basically different allocations for the medical market. And if we run out of medical, we’ll pull from leisure. But we will not pull from medical to sell leisure. We will make sure the clients are constantly supplied with medication . 

On being New Jersey’s special Cookies provider

D’Amelio: We are looking forward to working with Cookies brandnames to be the state’s special provider of their items. We are simply waiting on approval from New Jersey’s Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC) to bring certified Cookies items to the East Coast.

In 2021, TerrAscend partnered with Cookies to be the special provider of Cookies items in the New Jersey market. There is no accredited Cookies marijuana offered in New York or Pennsylvania, so there must be a lot of need for that when it endsupbeing readilyavailable. At the Gage Cannabis area in Michigan, individuals drive for hours to things their containers with Cookies. With our dispensaries less than 30 minutes from New York City and Philadelphia, it’s gonna be insane.

Has the CRC’s licensing procedure been reasonable so far?

D’Amelio: Yeah, I believe it’s extremely reasonable. I like what they’re doing with the micro licenses. Focusing on social equity and putting the micro licenses priorto the huge MSOs. I believe that goes a long method.

I think a lot of individuals that shouldhave licenses will have a opportunity to get them. And I believe that the procedure is genuine complex, like every other state. But the CRCs doing a fantastic task in figuring out how to award these licenses.

Nick D’Amelio tends to his plants throughout Leafly’s checkout to TerrAscend. (Jon Bain)

D’Amelio: We’re the veryfirst significant tri-state to legislate marijuana. So I believe that Pennsylvania and New York, all these other states that come and goto currently are gonna be able to run into a dispensary and get what they desire, then go back home, or stay at a hotel (and takepleasurein).

But I believe the greatest thing that makes us distinct is being The Garden State, and having so lotsof individuals here, I believe we’re going to be the East Coast California. I believe we’re gonna have one of the finest markets and some of the finest quality items out there. And I believe that New Jersey is gonna be on the map for marijuana, simply like California and Canada.

Mikhail Harrison's Bio Image

Mikhail Harrison

Trinidad-born, New Jersey-raised material manufacturer Mikhail Harrison hasactually been a marijuana supporter and influencer for over a years, working both on videocamera and behind the scenes to stabilize the plant for all.

View Mikhail Harrison’s shortarticles

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