Marijuana Trafficking Is Changing At US-Mexico Border — Here’s How

The United States and Mexico border hasactually made front page news everyday for almost a years for all sorts of factors. Whether it is structure an extensive border wall, or significant migration policy concerns — or even the ever-evolving issues of drug smuggling — there is constantly something vital to report on this 1,954 mile long fictional line.

Recently, nevertheless, there hasactually been a shakeup in one of the U.S. and Mexican border’s previously-biggest talking points: cannabis trafficking. Only a years ago, Mexico was smuggling a substantial quantity of the cannabis takenin by Americans, according to the DEA. Now it appears as though cannabis smuggling into the United States is reducing, while Mexico is seeing an boost of American made pot goinginto its side of the border.

The DEA launched a brand-new report, mentioning that, “in U.S. markets, Mexican cannabis has mostly been supplanted by domestic- produced cannabis.” This is a significant shift from the days when the huge bulk of cannabis was coming into the United States from Mexico. 

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The report, entitled “FY 2023 Performance Budget Congressional Budget Submission,” did, nevertheless, state that Mexico is still the primary foreign provider of U.S. cannabis. The report did not go so far as to characteristic this decline in unlawful drug trafficking to legalization efforts in lotsof U.S. states. Instead, it stated that “The nationwide landscape continues to progress as states enact citizen referendums and legislation concerning the belongings, usage, and growing of cannabis and its associated items.”

While the DEA did not outright characteristic leisure cannabis legalization to the decline in trafficked weed over the U.S. border, there is definitely a connection to be made. In truth, this pattern was saw soon after states started passing legalization procedures. 

According to a 2018 Cato Institute report on this precise subject, “State cannabis legalization beginning in 2014 did more to decrease cannabis smuggling than the doubling of Border Patrol representatives or the building of hundreds of miles of border fencing did from 2003 to 2009.”

Not just is cannabis simple to get in America, it’s likewise a leading quality item. This might be why cannabis is leaving the U.S. more and goinginto less. Mexico hasactually made some little actions to catch up, like legalizing grownup marijuana usage and legislating low-THC marijuana growing, however it has a long roadway ahead to overall legalization. As we have formerly reported, “For years, legalization supporters in Mexico argued that the nation might quickly develop a hugely lucrative marijuana market, however legalization came quicker to parts of the U.S. — mainly significantly California — than its next-doorneighbor to the south.”

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The United States and Mexico both have complex relationships with cannabis, and neither nation appears to have it figured out . Until the day comes where both nations have legislated the growing and sale of cannabis, there will mostlikely be a continued ebb and circulation at an currently unforeseeable and tired border.


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