Marijuana Predictions For 2021 – How Did We Do With Our Crystal Ball?

Reginald Reefer looks back at his marijuana predictions for 2021!

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Reginald Reefer on Wednesday Dec 15, 2021

marijuana look back to 2021

Roughly 1-year ago I wrote a few predictions for the year 2021. I thought that now would be a good time to review how well I performed. At the end of this year I’ll make another prediction for 2022. However, I don’t think there’s going to be “major” changes next year except for the expected. We’re currently in motions towards full legalization.

Nonetheless, let’s take a closer look at how I faired with my psychic pot abilities in retrospect.

Reginald’s Misses

1.       Cannabis gets fully legalized by the end of 2021 in North America

I was so close! Mexico is said to vote in the next five days on their cannabis system, if that passes – 2/3rd of North America would have fully legalized. The United States was the big disappointment. Not only did the Democrats have the presidency, the majority in the House and the Senate – they had the public all saying “YES!” to legalization.

What did they do?

They waited!

They waited until the republicans drafted a bill that seemed to be far more simplistic and could potentially achieve a lot of the social equity the Democrats wanted to push with their bills. The problem with social justice reform within legalization bills is that there will be some fiscal conservative that will be against that, however – if you write a bill that focuses on accessibility due to lower price of participation – then you solve a large portion of the problems.

You have to face it, you can’t force reparations like that. You can only create opportunity and then with the taxes create some sort of retroactive scheme to lift up communities negatively affected by the War on Drugs. However, this should come in the form of social programs that help ex-cons get jobs, loans, coaching, education, etc. You don’t achieve this by making a percentage of licenses available to the affected folk.

This is something that the Democrats don’t really understand. It could be because a large portion of lawmakers are millionaires and completely disconnected with the base they allegedly serve. Having weed licenses in minority communities doesn’t repair anything, it only creates a system of welfare for a few with the hopes of helping many.

Due to the US not being able to make up their minds in terms of legalization – I missed my prediction by a bit. I’m still somewhat confident Mexico will pass “something” resembling a completed framework by year’s end.

2.       Hemp Testing Increase

Sadly, another one I thought was a sure deal yet again, the US decided to go full Uncle Sam on testing. Currently a Hemp crop has a low testing threshold to be considered hemp (under 1%). The bill was supposed to raise the limit to 3%, which is still a very low. However, it seems that there was no movement on this either. This is kind of a disappointment seeing that by increasing the limit of THC on Hemp would actually make it easier for hemp farmers to grow more diverse crops, utilize these microdoses of THC to their advantage. We’ll have to see what happens in the future.

What I got right!

3.       Covid Jobs and the Cannabis Industry

When it comes to the cannabis industry, it now boasts more than 321,000 jobs and is still growing. With more states legalizing and the federal government toying with the idea – Cannabis did come as some of a relief for the Covid Pandemic. Couple this with the “Great Resignation” in where more people quit their regular jobs and transitioned into other sectors – my predictions on job growth was spot on. In fact, at the end of this year we’ll probably be inching closer to 400,000 cannabis jobs in the US.

4.       New Cannabis Brands

Justin Bieber, Jay Z, and a slew of other celebrities created new weed brands this year. While these are still celebrity brands, we have seen this trend increase during 2021. No name brands team up with high level celebrities and overnight – they’ve got sales!

However, along with celebrity brands increasing, plenty of new products came to the market during 2021 and we can only expect this trend to continue in 2022, especially with international commerce around the corner.

5.       New Paradigm on Drugs

This one is kind of tough, but I’m giving myself a win on this one as well. The reason being that the psychedelic revolution really took off in 2021. There’s been numerous incredible findings in relation to psychedelics and mental health, and I can’t help but wonder if it was cannabis that created this shift.

While we’re not entirely in a “new paradigm”, the vast majority of people are now open to discuss cannabis as their medicine and recreational preference. No longer is it taboo to talk about mushrooms or ketamine and even Dr. Hart got on Joe Rogan’s podcast talking about “Therapeutic heroin”.

If that’s not a paradigm shift, then I don’t know what it.

How do I feel about 2021?

We’re currently in the processes of a major cultural, spiritual and mental shift throughout the world. I for one am not too happy about the authoritarian approach many countries implemented in response to Covid. I think many people are awakening to the fact that Pharmaceutical companies should not be the ones directing policy – something they’ve been doing since 2020 and making bank on their vaccines. This is not saying that the vaccines aren’t effective – but rather that we cannot blindly trust companies who stand to make billions on their product to provide us with “unbiased” opinions.

Besides that, many people have been awakened to the fact that now is the time to start living the life you’ve always wanted. This is emulated in the “Great Resignation” and we’ll only continue to see this happen in 2022.

My greatest hope is that a highly infectious and less dangerous variant sweeps throughout the world and provides a general dose of herd immunity. Once this happens, the arguments for forced vaccines should wane – however, I doubt that it will be easy. Now that some politicians tasted from the cup of authoritarianism – some of them will have to be removed and I’m afraid that in some instances – that’s going to get violent.

I’ll be dropping my 2022 predictions later this month.

Have a good Dankmas everyone!




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