London Mayor Announces Plan To Study Cannabis Legalization

London Mayor Sadiq Khan revealed a strategy to researchstudy the legalization of marijuana on Wednesday after checkingout a dispensary and growing center as part of an authorities checkout to Los Angeles. Khan stated that he was forming a commission to researchstudy marijuana legalization and called a popular Labour Party authorities to head the panel.

Khan strolled amongst growing marijuana plants and was presented to the large range of items readilyavailable at certified marijuana dispensaries. The London mayor stated that the commission he was selecting would takealookat the efficiency of the city’s drug laws and checkout how legislating pot might aid decrease “drug-related damage.”

“The prohibited drugs trade triggers big damage to our society and we requirement to do more to dealwith this epidemic and evenmore the argument around our drugs laws,” Khan stated. “That’s why I am in LA to see first-hand the method they haveactually taken to marijuana.”

The commission will collect proof on marijuana legalization from around the world and will researchstudy the public health advantages of marijuana, the finest techniques to avoid abuse, and reliable law enforcement methods. The panel will make suggestions to City Hall and federalgovernment authorities, law enforcement, and public health authorities. More consultations to the commission will be revealed this summerseason. The London Drugs Commission is not anticipated to make its veryfirst report upuntil next year.

Khan was accompanied on the trip of the center by agents of the controlled marijuana market and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. Khan’s assistants keptinmind that controlled pot hasactually created millions of dollars in tax profits for Los Angeles while offering financial chances for service owners and employees.

“The decriminalization and legalization of marijuana uses traditionally marginalized neighborhoods chances for recovery, entrepreneurship, and wealth development in this growing market,” Garcetti stated. “Cities have so much to discover from one another, and I praise Mayor Khan’s thoughtful technique as London relocations forward.”

Khan revealed that he hadactually designated Lord Falconer, the previous Lord Chancellor in Tony Blair’s federalgovernment and a present member of the Labour Party’s shadow cabinet, to lead the commission charged with studying problems surrounding the prospective legalization of marijuana in London. Although the city federalgovernment does not have the power to unilaterally legislate pot, Khan hopes the work of the commission will stimulate discussion on marijuana policy reform. He prepares to bring lessons foundout from his see to Los Angeles, which was one stop on a four-day trade objective to the United States, back to London to aid notify the conversation on the concern.

“We needto discover from others when thinkingabout our method, and by takingalookat the newest proof from around the world and the first-rate researchstudy from UCL, Lord Falconer and the commission will make suggestions to enhance our method to marijuana to assistance takeon drug-related criminalactivity, secure Londoners’ health and lower the big damage that unlawful drugs cause to our neighborhoods,” stated Khan.

Previously, Khan confessed to utilizing marijuana while on a celebration journey to Amsterdam.

“I was young when and I’m not a prude,” he informed pressreporters in2018 “And I did breathein as well.”

Exploring Cannabis Policy Reform

The London delegation likewise satisfied with agents of the Los Angeles Police Department, city authorities, and health professionals to get extra viewpoints on marijuana legalization and policy problems. Khan hasactually been checkingout marijuana policy reform giventhat 2019, when he called for a nationwide evaluation of marijuana policy and law enforcement after a wave of violent criminaloffenses connected to illegal drugs.

“It is a genuine chance for there to be a extensive appearance at the efficiency of our drugs laws and policy on marijuana,” stated Lord Falconer. “We requirement carefully to recognize what is the finest technique to minimize damage to our neighborhoods. A nationwide argument is long pastdue. We objective to make suggestions to bring about efficient and longlasting modification.”

But news of Khan’s commission was not got well back in the United Kingdom. Home Secretary Priti Patel, a member of the judgment Conservative Party, knocked the London mayor’s prepares to legalize marijuana.

“Sadiq Khan’s time would be muchbetter invested focusing on knife and drug criminaloffense in London,” Patel stated, as estimated by the Daily Mail. “The Mayor has no powers to legislate drugs. They destroy neighborhoods, tear apart households and damage lives.”

Khan will likewise have to gain the assistance of the management of his own celebration if marijuana legalization in the U.K. is to endedupbeing a truth. Party head Keir Starmer would mostlikely oppose efforts at policy reform.

“Labour does not assistance altering the law on drugs,” stated a representative for the celebration. “Drugs policy is not degenerated to mayors and under Labour would continue to be set by nationwide federalgovernment.”



A.J. Herrington is a San Diego-based freelance author covering marijuana news, company, and culture.

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