Investing In Cannabis Stocks Shows Poor Judgment According To The Latest Biden Administration Anti-Pot Rhetoric

The Biden administration in their newest anti-pot project states you can’t own marijuana stocks

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Reginald Reefer on Thursday Mar 10, 2022

Biden on cannabis stock market

Senators can buy stock in Pharma however for the love of God puton’t invest in marijuana states Biden Administration!

Politico justrecently composed an shortarticle about a brand-new discussion that hasactually been released by the Biden Administration in relation to the eligibility of security clearances when working with them. When Biden veryfirst took workplace, we were informed that there was going to be a “new period” of marijuana tolerance, that unlike those evil “reds” – the “blues” were going to do excellent by the American Public and legislate marijuana. Of course, the minute that they took power – all of their assures were chucked out along with the bad assistants who thought that their president was sincere when stating that “past marijuana usage would not have any impact on work – just to fire those who had confessed past usage.

Your federal security clearance has long been impacted by marijuana usage and according to the feds if you smoke more than 24 times you endedupbeing disqualified to be a federal representative. In the newest “what the hell are they doing now” – the Biden Administration is doubling down on their anti-cannabis belief with a current internal memo, which checkout;

“Eligibility might be adversely affected if an private intentionally and straight invests in stocks or service endeavors that particularly pertain to cannabis growers and sellers,” according to the file. “Decisions to willfully invest in such activity might show doubtful judgment and an aversion to comply with laws, guidelines, and policies.” SOURCE: Politico

In other words, if you invest stocks into service endeavors that pertain to marijuana growing and offering, you would have “questionable judgements” according to the administration. In other words, they are stating, “If you invest into marijuana, even if the market is stating that it’s a strong financialinvestment, even when laws around the nation and the world are altering in favor of marijuana – you would have poor judgement.

Because of this, you would be rejected clearance to greater security procedures. Some individuals may checkout this and believe, “Good – we can’t have potheads in the White House”, otherthan I’d like to advise you that this is not about usage. It’s about investing in business that sell marijuana.

In essence, the federal federalgovernment is stating that any assistance towards marijuana – which goes versus the authorities story of the federal federalgovernment – will limitation your clearance duetothefactthat it’s “immoral”.

And what can you anticipate from a President that’s old adequate to keepinmind dinosaurs hatching from their veryfirst eggs? The reality of the matter is that Biden is cut from the fabric of the Drug War. If it wasn’t for the drug war, he would mostlikely neverever have acquired so much attention as he did now…not to discuss, all the business sponsors who are now calling in their favorites are requiring the administration to stay unimportant as the world modifications around them.

What’s fascinating nevertheless is that the Biden Administration has a issue with individuals investing into marijuana services, however sees no issue with Senators and Congress-people owning stocks in business that produced and offered vaccines to the federalgovernment.  I indicate, there’s absolutely no dispute of interest there…right?

A Business Insider Article sheds the light on this;

Lawmakers held these financialinvestments in COVID-19-minded business as Congress was at the center of pandemic relief efforts. In 2020 and 2021, members of Congress voted on 6 relief costs together worth almost $6 trillion. Congress likewise licensed more than $10 billion to assistance drug business establish and disperse vaccines and required health insuranceproviders to cover the expense of getting the shot. SOURCE: Business Insider

When these Senators and Congress-people voted on these laws, and voted on the $10 billion relief to these vaccine makers – did they do so without predisposition? Did they stand to gain cash from their choices? These are concerns that “We the People” areworthyof an response to – nevertheless, what we get rather is an administration that does whatever in its power to do the opposite of what the individuals desire.

You even had the whole “Pelosi Tracker” problem, which was a Twitter account that just reposted the openly offered information on Pelosi’s financialinvestments. Many individuals discovered that whatever Pelosi invested in, a law or something would modification in the market and they would make cash. As a result, somebody chose to post all her transactions and this permitted other individuals to invest . To their surprise, everybody began making cash. Could it be that Pelosi has inside info that is not available to the public? Would this be frequently understood as “insider trading?” It’s concerns like these that had that Twitter account suspended.

When challenged by the concept of politicalleaders being permitted to trade – she dismissed the concept of any misbehavior declaring “it’s a complimentary nation”. The Joe Rogan Experience took a closer appearance into this which you can watch here.

Something is essentially broken in federalgovernment…

Often times I hear of individuals who talk about “capitalism” being broken – nevertheless, when you have a sitting administration that is pushing individuals for not revealing their assistance for the marijuana market by restricting security clearances due to selective financialinvestments in cannabis-related organizations and Senators and Congress-persons plainly engaging in a rigged system – this is no longer industrialism. The proper term is “crony industrialism” and it hasactually gotten to such a point that the individuals guilty of purchasing the federalgovernment and their particular “pocket politicalleaders” they bought in the procedure no longer conceal their actions.

Maybe it’s time we get all of the cash out of politics, set terms for all political workplaces and have an age limitation. If it were up to me, I’d shot to automate as much of the federalgovernment as possible with the usage of clever algorithms, however we’d requirement to have a system for confirming that the info and procedures within the algorithms can’t be tampered with.

Nonetheless – this shortarticle is implied to make you show on the absurdity that is “having rulers”. People who think they own the world and we’re living here “rent complimentary” while they tax our earnings and claim to be the great men. 








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