How To Set The Perfect Water Level For Bong Or Rig

G etting the best water level in your bong or your dab rig isn’t thought about as much of an art kind as some other locations of the cannabis experience. All of us have that pal that can roll a joint into such a best, smokeable, evenly-burning cone that you ‘d enjoy a whole Youtube channel simply revealing that.

Or perhaps your pal is a blowtorch master that can constantly time striking that dab nail as it’s cooled to simply the best temperature level for a heady, smooth, delicious low-temp dab rip.

Water Amounts for Bongs and Dab Rigs

Most marijuana customers do not offer setting the water level of their bong or rig much of a reservation because regard. Unlike joint rolling or dabs, filling your piece with water does not take any unique mastery, ability, or knowledge to achieve. The guidelines appear exceptionally easy to the simple.

The water level of your bong or rig may appear entirely unimportant and not worthy of your attention. The water level is one of those things that you’re just see if it’s been done badly. Normally this takes place when you’re midway through your pull.

Man hitting a bong with the proper water level

Setting the best water level for your bong or rig is very important for a smooth hit. picture credit

If the water level is too expensive, you might wind up with a swig of bong water in your mouth. Or, even worse, coughing bong water out of your lungs. This is particularly bad if the bong hasn’t been cleared for a number of days. Set the water level too low you’re pulling a huge lungful of smoke or vapor that’s being available in so quick and hot that it beats the function of filtering it. In either case, it’s a hard time for you or any buddies simply attempting to delight in a good, deep, smooth rip. While it isn’t an art kind, there are methods to make certain your water level is ideal for a great smoking cigarettes session.

Setting the Perfect Water Level

Before diving in, it’s essential to keep in mind that all bongs and rigs are various. Setting the best water level for a mini-dab rig is going to be various than putting a container of water into your gravity bong. It’ll take some experimentation with your specific piece to solve, however there are a number of finest practices to base your measurements off of.

Different Water Pipe Types

  • Stemless Bongs: When utilizing stemless pipes, utilize your percolator as a guide for just how much water to fill. A basic general rule is to put simply sufficient water to cover the holes and produce aeration.
  • Water Pipes with Downstems: Pipes with conventional downstems ought to be filled to entirely immerse the diffusion holes undersea. Just how much water you put in from there depends upon the size of your piece and just how much resistance you choose in a draw.

Before you set about setting the best water level, it’s essential to utilize just fresh water in your bong or rig. Bong water can rapidly end up being a breeding place for germs, molds, and other things you do not desire breathing in straight into your lungs.

Issues with Underfilling

When you’re putting your water into your individual smoking cigarettes device, insufficient can be as bad as excessive. Make sure that the water level is sitting above the downstem (if you have one.) By doing this, when you pull the smoke or vapor through, it goes through the cooling liquid on its method to your lungs. If your bong or rig has a percolator, the water is doing no excellent sitting listed below it. This can get challenging, particularly if your bong or dab rig has numerous percolators or chambers.

Each percolator must have water sitting at the bottom for the smoke to bubble through. A finest practice for achieving this is to put water through the mouth piece so that it streams down to the percolators on the bottom

If the water’s not rather reaching the most affordable percolators, you can carefully blow through the mouth piece. This ought to press the water all the method down. If this does not work, another technique is to tilt your bong sideways.

Issues with Overfilling

Filling your smoking cigarettes device’ water level too high can trigger issues. Beyond the splashing and trouble drawing, which we will go over in a minute, it can likewise soak your weed. Due to the fact that of the weight and pressure of the water, the very first thing you wish to prevent is water taking a trip too far up your downstem. If it soaks your bud, you’re out both your tough generated income and a great time. If you discover the water dribbling out of your bong, you can most likely think something isn’t.

Person lighting a straight tube bong with a downstem.

Depending on what kind of stem and percolator you utilize, your water level might differ. image credit

However, splashback and illustration are the 2 greatest indications that you’ve filled your bong too expensive. When it concerns drawing, the water level ought to be low enough that pulling the smoke through the water does not seem like those lung strength tests they provide to astronauts and professional athletes. The smoke or vapor ought to bubble quickly through the water with simply adequate time for it to cool as it infiltrates. If the smoke or vapor is being available in too quick and hot, include some more water in.

How to Avoid Splashback

Avoiding splashback is your primary issue when it pertains to water level and the something everybody wishes to prevent. No story starts or ends well with the sentence “and after that I got bong water in my mouth.” While it will not destroy anybody’s day, it’s still high up in the “prevent at a lot of expenses” list. The very best method to prevent splashback in your bong is to take a look at where the downstem goes into the water. Offer or take, you desire the last half to 3rd of that downstem immersed in the water. When it concerns your dab rig, the water level ought to sit about midway up the percolation chamber. If any water touches your lips while you’re pulling, put a little out and attempt once again.

Example of correct water level for a dab rig.

Optimal water level must sit simply above the percolator. picture credit

When it concerns setting the best water level of your bong or dab rig, there will constantly be some experimentation included. That’s why it’s essential to focus when you’re filling it. When you discover yourself pulling that best temperature level and texture of smoke/vapor through your picked pipes device, remember of where that water level is sitting. That’s your guide for the next time. While setting the best water level isn’t going to get you the very same compliments from pals as a completely rolled joint or a well torched, low-temp dab, you’ll take pride in understanding that you provided yourself and your good friends the very best cigarette smoking experience possible. That’s what the art of cannabis cigarette smoking is actually everything about in the end anyhow.

Before starting your next smoke sesh, attempt spending some time to clean your piece and setting the best water level. Follow the actions in this short article and you’ll be well gotten ready for an excellent experience!

Do you have suggestions or techniques for setting the ideal water level for your bong or dab rig? Share your ideas in the remarks listed below!

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