How The Police Tried To Steal Millions In Cash From Legal Cannabis Companies

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One of the mostsignificant headaches with running a legal marijuana organization is the money. Since marijuana is still prohibited in the eyes of the federal federalgovernment, it’s almost difficult to shop the money you’ve made through your state-licensed marijuana service anywhere else. And that leads to another issue: security.

Because most certified marijuana companies run and negotiate nearly totally in money, they have endupbeing the leading target of burglars and burglars. They’ve had to resort to other imaginative options to guarantee that their legally-made money revenues are safe, turning to companies such as carrying money in armored vehicles. And then you have bad apples like Sheriff Shannon Dicus who comes and makesuseof the circumstance.

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Who Is Sheriff Shannon Dicus?

Dicus is the 36th Sheriff-Coroner selected for the San Bernardino County in California, the mostsignificant county in the United States.

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The constable campaign site reads that he is a “proven public security leader for San Bernardino County”. However, he hasactually been running a extremely unclean rip-off injuring legal marijuana organization owners. According to the equitable sharing program of the U.S. Department of Justice, the constable’s department can keep as much as 80% of the money that hasactually been gathered through civil forfeits, otherthan in California, legal marijuana cash can’t be took by policeofficers.

The Crime

Investigations exposed that San Bernardino deputies haveactually been taking marijuana cash from armored automobiles, which they then moved to the FBI, stating that it was to be utilized as evidence for examinations.

Beginning November 2021 through January 2022, armored vans from Empyreal Logistics, which transfers cash from marijuana companies, had to offer up around $1.1 million in cold, tough money from legal marijuana sales. Reports from the San Bernardino Sun state that Dicus idea the seizures done by his department were reasonable.

“During the stop, the deputy made additional observations, consistingof hearing irregular declarations made by the motorist and business agents, that led the deputy to think that the contents of the van were illegal continues of illegal drug sales,” stated Dicus relatingto a November 16 seizure from an Empyreal van.

Deputy J. Franco was able to get a search warrant then taken $700,000 which legally belonged to 4 state-licensed cannabis organizations.

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Then onceagain, something comparable occurred on December 9. The exactsame van of Empyreal altered lanes without a signal. It was likewise discovered that they utilized a file to instruct the Empyreal chauffeur how to respond must they be pulled over by law enforcement. “Specifically, the file advised the motorist to ‘never state the words marijuana or cannabis’ and ‘never state the names of the banks or customers we service.” A cool $350,000 was took from Empyreal on that date.

No citations were provided simply like in the November stop.

By January 6th, the date of the 3rd seizure, Empyreal had stoppedbriefly their transport of marijuana cash in San Bernardino County since of the previous break-ins. Instead, they were carrying rolled coins that were not from the marijuana market.

Again, they didn’t concern citations, however the Empyreal motorist questioned the deputy why their carsandtrucks were constantly being targeted, the deputy simply stated that it was political and didn’t intricate.

Empyreal Strikes Back

On January 14th, 2022, Empyreal submitted a suit with the US District Court which required that Sheriff Dicus, as well as DEA Administrator Anne Milgram and FBI Director Christopher Wray, stop the targeting of the Empyreal vans. They stated that the seizures were “highway burglary”.  Dicus idea that the claim was “no more than a special-interest crusade and a outright effort to interfere with continuous regional criminal examinations.”

According to Empyreal, “the deputies had prepared the stop in advance and would have pulled over the motorist and the Empyreal automobiles regardless of how thoroughly or legally it was driven.” After all, it hasactually endedupbeing clear that they were just after the cash and attempting to get away with their unclean fraud. The deputies declared that a drug-sniffing canine turned them on to the van, though Empyreal rejects this: “Video video from the car does not program the pet alert on the car. Instead, it reveals the canine is hardly interested in the car.”

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However, the Empyreal van did have a security audio system recording. It might be heard that the deputies were revealing enjoyment about the $700,000 they took and were hence dissatisfied about the smallersized size the 2nd time around.

Injustice for Justice, a non-profit law company specializing in cases that occurred from civil loss, was workedwith by Empyreal. “We are happy to have assisted Empyreal accomplish a effective outcome and return to service operations in San Bernardino County,” states Senior Attorney Dan Alban. “We will continue to difficulty the usage of civil loss acrossthecountry at the state and federal level,” he states.

Because of this, Dicus altered his position. On May 6th, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department reacted, stating that they will continue working versus “illegal cannabis grows and criminal business,” while keeping Empyreal out of the image. “Both sides likewise acknowledge that Empyreal is part of the service to aid with monetary openness and that San Bernardino Deputies are not highway burglars as formerly reported in the media,” states a press release by the Sheriff’s Department.


Sheriff Dicus is a prime example of what can go incorrect when the cops force does not watch what takesplace to the policeofficers. Don’t permit your polices to reward you like shit the method he did.

This shortarticle initially appeared on and hasactually been reposted with authorization.


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