How The Bill Clinton CBD PR Scandal Revealed What Is Wrong With Society

Bill Clinton, no completestranger to scandal, had a coupleof CBD declarations that went off the rails

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Reginald Reefer on Tuesday Mar 8, 2022

Bill Clinton CBD

Recently Marijuana Moment reported on an post that covered some of Bill Clinton’s remarks on CBD which he spoke at an occasion called “Impact Forum” which was hosted in Orlando. Allegedly, in this post Clinton spoke in favor of CBD stating that, “it can assistance with discomfort”.

However, after the initial publishers of the post were gotintouchwith by the Clinton PR group, they eliminated the shortarticle. You can checkout the ACHIVED VERSION HERE.

In this post, the previous president stated,

“I shot not to response any of those buzz calls however I get more messages about CBD than any guy alive. Go figure. There is some proof that you can get CBD with a low-THC count that will fight discomfort. Some of these items haveactually been checked more or less to FDA requirements and some [haven’t been tested] not at all.”

What Marijuana Moment pointed out was the hypocrisy of Clinton who, while he confessed to smokingcigarettes marijuana on one or 2 celebrations, neverever “inhaled” and throughout his stint as president of the United States, likewise threatened to withdraw doctor’s federal licenses to anybody who advised medical marijuana. Additionally, Marijuana Moment likewise discussed that he did appear more passionate about marijuana at the end of his presidency.

Nonetheless, it appears that Clinton has opened up to the concept of cannabis-based medication and even chimed in on the concept of THC caps (which is completely an facility talking point)

“We requirement to have a nationwide basic of the THC count of these items and what the tests program. NYU Langone does some of this screening and CBD might be a feasible outlet for discomfort relief. We might possibly not lose so lotsof individuals,” Clinton stated.

But we can neverever support whether this is real or not, duetothefactthat the Clinton PR group reached out to the publisher and askedfor them to getridof it.

“It was all pricedquote properly and live—it was pressure from the Clinton camp PR group that the remarks were expected to be closed to the press—so we appreciated the authors demand,” a Cannabis & Tech Today editor composed to Marijuana Moment in a Twitter direct message. 

According to the Impact Forum agent who reached out to Marijuana Moment, “No press were licensed to goto this panel,” she stated. “We cannot validate how the material was acquired nor verify quotes.”

The Problem with News these days…

Of course, every onlineforum has a right to be a “private occasion”, nevertheless, the truth that the Clintons PR group might merely pressure a publisher to eliminate an post highlight a higher issue. The issue that the news is topic to the impulses of the elite. The Clintons are deeply established in the status quo and have a long history of “aggressive habits” which has led some to even produce the Clinton Death Toll, which is a list of individuals who have worked for the Clintons and passedaway under mystical situations after their work ended – normally because they were whistleblowers and the likes.

I’m not stating that it’s real – I’m simply pointing out that the hawkish nature of the Clintons make a “Death list” a possible possibility.

The point is, this effective household has the capability to impact how the news is being provided, or merely get a publisher to getridof an post if they see fit. If the publisher would have declined, I’m sure they would haveactually been slapped with claims and other legal maneuvers to prevent the operations of the publisher.

However, the Clintons aren’t the just individuals who are playing this videogame. How lotsof other prominent individuals change the method that the news is reported on them, or merely buries a story or attacks the individual character of their critics? Let me put it to you this method, Ghislaine Maxwell was foundedguilty of sexually trafficking minors for Jeffrey Epstein who just wined and dined the most wealthy of society and hosted prohibited pedophilic activities on his island – yet we still have no concept who the customers were. Allegedly, Ghislaine trafficked just for Epstein, even however names like Prince Andrew and Bill Gates were some of the individuals who were oftenvisiting with Epstein.

The point being that we barely heard anything about this on the news. The protection of the trial was abysmal by the mainstream media and I’m sure that most of you reading this didn’t understand that she’s attempting to appeal this conviction by Jury and get a brand-new trial.

Furthermore, if you appearance into the legal group of the prosecution and cross referral it with the whole history of Jeffrey Epstein – whatever appears off.

Only You needto complywith the law…

While we’re offered the concept that we are equivalent under the law…some individuals are just “more equivalent” than others to quote Napoleon from Animal Farm.  The reality of the matter is that when you compare the penalty for the level of criminalactivities devoted by the average person and the sheer quantity of power the elite has over the narrative – it doesn’t take a rocket researcher to comprehend that we live in a two-tiered society.

The lines of department isn’t inbetween males and ladies, nor inbetween the shade of your skin, your sexual choice or any of these kinds of “definers” – it’s like George Carlin stated, “It’s a huge club – and you ain’t in it!”

The Bill Clinton PR modifying of the News is simply another piece of proof to advise you that “George was best!”  





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