Have you heard of marijuana suppositories and questioned to yourself why you would usage suppositories? You’re not alone — lotsof individuals are unknown with suppositories. But, there is great factor to usage marijuana suppositories for intestinal concerns. Let’s talk about it.

What are Suppositories? 

Suppositories are any medications placed into the vaginalarea or anus. Typically, they’re utilized for a coupleof various factors:

  1. Deliver medication straight to the website of discomfort or pain (for example, menstrual cramps, stomach discomfort, irregularity, andsoon).
  2. Medication is takenin rapidly.
  3. The individual cannot swallow medication since of issues with queasiness and throwingup or a jeopardized esophagus or digestion system. 

What we are talkingabout in this post are rectal suppositories for intestinal concerns. 

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a typical condition that effects about 11 percent of the worldwide population. It’s an inflammatory condition that impacts the big intestinaltract. It is identified by stomach discomfort and problem with bowel practices — going more or less frequently (diarrhea or irregularity) and having a various type of stool.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

The cause of inflammatory bowel illness is persistent digestion system swelling, which leads to stomach discomfort, extreme diarrhea, tiredness, weight loss, and poornutrition. The 2 most typical types of IBD are Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.

While these 2 illness share a number of the verysame qualities, there are a coupleof substantial distinctions;

  • Ulcerative colitis just takesplace in the colon and just in the innermost lining. In contrast, Crohn’s illness can takeplace in any part of the intestinal system and can happen in all the layers of the walls of the bowels. 
  • Ulcerative colitis is identified by constant swelling of the colon while, with Crohn’s illness, healthy parts of the intestinaltract can still occupy inbetween the irritated locations. 

Does Cannabis Improve Symptoms Associated With Gastrointestinal Issues? 

Researchers haveactually started checkingout the function of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the typical policy of the intestinal system. 

They found cannabinoid receptors are present in the intestinal system, consistingof in the colon. The ECS is included in many intestinal functions — speed of fooddigestion, motility in the bowel, and the emptying of the bowel. IBS and IBD can effect any or all of these typical functions.

We understand marijuana assists handle swelling throughout the body. Research supports its contribution to lowering inflammation in the intestinal system and pain.

Even more significant from the researchstudy was the general enhancement in clients’ quality of life after utilizing marijuana to handle their signs. A 2012 study found an enhancement in the quality of life of those with IBS in addition to favorable markers of health — enhanced capability to work, be social, and reduced anxiety. Also, a 2011 study found that marijuana decreased the requirement for other medication and possibly even the requirement for surgicaltreatment in clients with IBD. In this researchstudy, 45 percent of the individuals accomplished medical remission, and 25 percent suspended corticosteroid treatment. 

Is CBD or THC Better? 

The researchstudy is still in the initial phases; nevertheless, a 2011 researchstudy discovered that CBD alone was simply as reliable in handling signs associated with IBS as THC. 

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Photo by Dad Grass from Pexels

Why Suppositories Over Other Consumption Methods?

As we currently talkedabout, 2 advantages of marijuana suppositories are targeting the source of discomfort or swelling and preventing oral intake since of queasiness or throwingup. But are there other factors to usage marijuana suppositories over other usage techniques? 


Research recommends that rectal administration is more efficient than oral administration. One factor for this might be the bioavailability of suppositories. However, completely understanding the bioavailability and absorption of marijuana suppositories will need more researchstudy. We do understand that it appears as though greater dosages of THC are endured without intoxication, and the impact of the cannabinoids last longer than with other intake techniques. 

Why puton’t you experience intoxication at high dosages of THC when taken as a suppository? This verysame researchstudy recommends this impact results from first-pass metabolicprocess, significance the bulk of the cannabinoids are takenin where they are veryfirst presented to the body and forthatreason puton’t reach other parts of the body (blood and brain) at the exactsame concentration.

How to Use Cannabis Suppositories

The procedure of making marijuana suppositories includes integrating marijuana, or CBD, oils with a provider oil that solidifies at low temperaturelevels, such as cacao butter. The objective for a suppository is a difficult, smooth outside for simple insertion however with the capability to liquify rapidly at body temperaturelevel.

Wash your hands veryfirst, then lay in a comfy position with your knees bent, and unwind your body. Gently insert the suppository tapered end . Stay lying down for a coupleof minutes to enable the suppository to liquify.

Note that you oughtto refrain from having a bowel motion for an hour or so after placing (so it might make sense to go veryfirst). It likewise might leakage alittle, so select your underclothing carefully and thinkabout taking your dosage right priorto bed.

Don’t forget to shop your suppositories in a cool, dark location so that they wear’t melt.

Final Thoughts on Cannabis Suppositories for Gastrointestinal Issues

Cannabis suppositories are not the just method to handle signs associated with intestinal concerns, however they might assistance ease discomfort and swelling faster by targeting the source.