If George Jetson smoked weed, his bong may look something like a Hitoki Trident V2; it’s a laser bong, genuine. The Hitoki Trident V2 is an all-in-one gadget that takes the marijuana experience to another level. It’s a financial investment piece. As a medical user, marijuana is crucial for my health, therefore, often I require to smoke a great deal of it. For both the sake of my lungs and my checking account, I can’t manage to be ineffective. I am constantly on a mission to get the very best buzz from my bud. Just recently, I obtained this state-of-the-art, expensive flower bong, and offered it a comprehensive screening. Yep, I took lots of for the group … Let me inform you, this thing is various from anything else I’ve attempted. If you’re a medical client or simply smoke a great deal of pot, there’s a great deal of factors to consider this laser bong. With that being stated, here is my sincere evaluation of Hitoki’s Trident V2.

Laser Bong??? What is that?

The Trident V2 is a flower bong that utilizes a laser to vaporize and combust plant product. Comparable to a vape pen, you struck the power button 5 times to turn it on; then, double-tap or hold it to fire the laser. Straight at the center of the bowl, its laser focuses its power on your weed. Basically, you switch on an intense beam and heat, then poof! There’s smoke. The impact resembles a vaporizer however it’s more powerful, and, you are entrusted to a bowl of ash.

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One advantage of this charm is the reality that you never ever require to stress over having a lighter. Plug it into a USB-C battery charger and you benefit rather a long time. According to the details handout, a three-hour charge will offer you with a minimum of 2 hundred and eighty tokes.

The impact– A various type of high …

Not just does the Trident V2 get you ripped, however it likewise does it in a various method. Simply as a Volcano Vaporizer will produce a distinct result, this gadget puts its own spin on the experience. More powerful than vaping and various than smoking cigarettes, it differs from any other approach I have actually attempted.

This is not a huge surprise to me due to the fact that after all, not all bud substances burn the exact same; every cannabinoid and terpene has its own ideal combustion temperature level. If you are utilizing a lighter or a torch, you can’t target THC without burning away terpenes and small cannabinoids. With the accurate temperature level settings of laser innovation, more of these substances can be protected.

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Strain option– I utilized pressures that I had a fair bit of experience with and it was as though the Trident drew out the very best in them. Regardless of my tolerance, it was practically like I had actually utilized a brand-new, more powerful pressure or, was ending a tolerance break.

Temperature, Terpenes, and Taste

If you smoke weed and desire a heavy haul, the taste is generally compromised. With a laser bong, this is not a concern. You can alter the gadget’s temperature level with every toke you take. Represented by the color of the light behind the button, there are 3 settings customized for optimum terpene combustion:

Mild Red– If you are everything about tasting the terps or simply desire a simple inhale, the coolest level will do the job. It produces light, delicious smoke that is rather moderate on the lungs.

Middle Green– The middle-temperature setting is developed to offer a strong toke that does not compromise taste.

Hot Blue– If you’re one of those seeking to ‘cough to leave’, the most popular setting with certainly do that. According to the gadget instructions, this temperature level is implied for “necessary oil-infused organic blends”. I analyzed these instructions as ‘flower combined with focuses or hash’ and validated this with strenuous screening.

Neat thing to keep in mind– I saw that the laser’s size modifications with each setting. Particularly, the laser gets smaller sized when you show up the temperature level (a cool thing to view when you’re taking a toke).

Tips for effective toking

Hitoki’s Trident V2 is quite uncomplicated however there are some things you require to be familiar with to utilize it effectively. These repairing pointers are actually all you require to understand:

Hitoki Cannabis Bowls

Tip # 1– Pack your bowls securely and utilize the very first toke to get it going.

The guidelines will inform you to prevent overpacking however I never ever had any problems with air flow. As quickly as the laser strikes the jam-packed bowl, the bud burns; combustion is no problem. A gently jam-packed bowl will fail on the very first drag. If you wish to get the very best bang for your bud, load a big bowl and pack it down.

Tip # 2– Keep that poking tool helpful

The Trident V2 includes a little poking tool and you wish to keep that close at hand. It’s little and appears like it belongs in a dental professional’s workplace, offering the impression that it’s simple to change. In truth, this thing is developed to completely fit the flower bowl measurements. The large end is excellent for loading down flower and the pointy part is indicated to clear the bowl’s air shaft. If you are having difficulty getting a great haul, this is the only tool you will ever require.

Tip # 3– Partially smoked bowls requirement to be loaded down

After you have actually taken a toke or more, utilize the poking tool to compress the ash and staying flower. If you do not, you might wind up throwing away great weed by mishap. After the laser combusts plant product, all that stays is ash. If the preliminary toke didn’t light the entire bowl, you require to compress what’s left so that the laser can get in touch with it. Partly smoked bowls requirement to be loaded down or they will not totally combust.


Just like the majority of bongs, the Hitoki Trident does not take long to get unclean (specific experiences might differ depending upon usage … ahem). You will discover that rather of burned bits of bud, you’re cleaning up resin and great ash. Some bongs are dreadful for drawing a half-burned bowl into the water. Fortunately, this gadget does not do that.

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How to clean it:

  • The Trident is made from metal, top quality acrylic, silicone, and ceramic product and splits up into 5 pieces.
  • You can utilize isopropyl alcohol to clean the non-electronic parts, however it would not be smart to let anything soak.
  • For your finest smoking cigarettes experience, constantly keep in mind to keep your laser tidy! Utilize a q-tip dipped in isopropyl alcohol and swab your laser lens.

Usually, I do not purchase smoking cigarettes gadgets which contain acrylic since I discover they never ever remain fresh. The truth is that I put my gadgets through heavy usage and acrylic bongs get gnarly fast. This thing is various. It can be reset and revitalized without being destroyed.

The Price– $500 USD plus taxes ($625 CAD plus taxes)

Paying $500 USD for a pot-smoking gadget is not something everyone is comfy with, particularly if you have medical expenditures. There are often it’s worth it, specifically when it’s a financial investment in your quality of life. To determine whether the cost deserves its worth, it normally boils down to asking yourself a couple of essential concerns: Does it use any advantages to locations like health or financial resources? Will it conserve me from purchasing specific things in the future, such as lighters or butane? Is it a quality tool? Does it include a guarantee? The responses to these concerns weigh in a different way for each people and they are concentrated on the worth of the item. Identifying when or if it’s in your spending plan follows.


To make sure the gadget’s functions work effectively, Hitoki’s Trident V2 features a six-month guarantee. For an additional $150, you can extend the guarantee to 3 years and it includes a number of replacement bowls. If you require to utilize it for any factor, the business will send you a shipping label to cover the expenses.

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Pot cigarette smokers are constantly trying to find a method to get the very best bang for their bud, however in some cases that comes at the expense of their lungs. If you’re seeking to buy a cigarette smoking gadget that is strong, efficient, and simple on the body, you must think about Hitoki’s Trident V2. Based upon all the factors noted above, I would highly suggest this item.

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