Ex-Jungle Boys Workers Claim Gender Bias, Stolen Wages, And Poor Conditions

A civil match submitted in April declares ‘boys-only’ grow space culture; business states workers were fired for cause

In a claim submitted late last month in Los Angeles County Superior Court, 2 previous staffmembers of Jungle Boys TLC claim they were fired for objecting to a workenvironment culture they state consistedof gender discrimination, unsettled salaries, and unlawful work conditions. The business, in reaction, declares the workers were fired with due cause: Drinking on the task.

“The action will be safeguarded in court on its benefits,” a Jungle Boys representative stated in action to the fit. The civil action declares 17 overall grievances and asks for “unlimited damages,” according to California court files.


LAPD raids Jungle Boys dispensary, taking $174,000 in money and ideas

Jungle Boys TLC cumulative is made up of tradition operators who were grandfathered in to California’s early legal marijuana market. In March, Leafly reported on the illegal raid LAPD and federal officers sprung on a Jungle Boys dispensary in Los Angeles. Officers left the raid with over $174,000 in money and budtender suggestions.

Leafly has not examined the declares made in the claim, nor the business’s counter-allegations.

Poor working conditions declared

Plaintiffs Donna Rivadeneyra and Mario De La Cruz declare in the claim that the Jungle Boys, lawfully understood as Toluca Lake Collective (TLC), utilized “stacked entities” and dubious management practices to makeuseof unlawful labor.

The ex-employees claim they were fired as retaliation for speaking out versus bad working conditions, consistingof overdue incomes and failure to supply precise wage declarations.

Rivadeneyra likewise states she dealtwith duplicated discrimination since of her gender, including that when she asked to be moved from a cutting to growing task, she was informed “they were called ‘Jungle Boys’ for a factor: that no females were enabled to work in the growing operations.” Later, Rivadeneyra declares, she was “warned not to get pregnant,” duetothefactthat pregnant females were not permitted to work for Jungle Boys and would rightaway be ended.

The match likewise includes an claims of incorrect jailtime: Rivadeneyra implicates the business’s human resources group of trapping her in an workplace while attempting to force her to indication a release of her claims.

The suit was initially submitted on April 27, however the problem chose up steam within the marijuana world earlier this week on social media websites like Reddit and Twitter. Alan Romero, the legalrepresentative who submitted the case in California Superior Court, developed the buzz by publishing it on Scribd and Reddit. In simply 4 days, a thread Romero began in a Los Angeles-focused Reddit neighborhood has over 130 remarks and 550 authorizing votes.

“Buy weed from females, not kids,” tweeted Chris Becker, co-founder of The Honeybee Collective, as the fit got viral steam on Monday.

Arthur D. Hodge, lawyer for the Jungle Boys cumulative, reacted on social media by publishing pictures of Rivadeneyra and De La Cruz near open alcohol containers, declaring the workers were ended for drinking on the task.

Here’s how Jungle Boys responded to the match

On May 11, the Jungle Boys Collective sentout Leafly an authorities declaration through their lawyer, along with pictures they claim warranted shooting both staffmembers.

“An preliminary examination into this action exposes that the accusations in the problem are not precise,” TLC’s declaration stated. “For example, the services called in the suit use employees of any gender recognition in accordance with their experience and the position they lookfor. There are females utilized in all elements of these organizations from entry-level to upper-level management. The Chief Executive Officer of one of the organizations called in the claim is a minority woman.”

The declaration likewise states that complainant Donna Rivadeneyra was not moved from her cutting task to growing duetothefactthat she didnothave experience, not because of her gender. “Jungle Boys is understood for its remarkable item and specific requirements are anticipated from seed-to-sale,” the business responded. “Hiring is based on those expectations and the experience the staffmember brings to group. Cultivation positions are normally lookedfor by those with previous marijuana growing experience.”

The declaration concludes, “the people who brought this claim breached workenvironment guidelines and company policies consistingof being portrayed in pictures consuming alcohol exterior the organization throughout a rest break.”

Plaintiff’s legalrepresentative desires others to come forward

“The point of my publishing here was to start a discussion about this issue in the legal cannabis market impacting women, and specific with these associated attire,” Romero composed on Reddit. He likewise invited other California citizens to reach out within 3 years of their “gender-based discrimination, retaliation, or harassment.”

Romero describes, “if you were ended on July 1, 2020, you (or an lawyer acting on your behalf) would requirement to get a ‘Right-to-Sue Letter’ from the FEHA no lateron than July 1, 2023, and bring a claim no lateron than a year lateron, on July 1,2024 The drop dead date would be 3 years from your termination.  You (may) still have time to bring your action.”

Leafly will continue to upgrade readers on this case.

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