Everything You Need To Know About The AUXO Cira

Any fundamental, simple look for “marijuana vaporizer” exposes a market crowded with reasonably comparable, often remarkable, and often ill-conceived gadgets.

Maybe rainbow LEDs, strong gold air courses, or candy-colored partnerships set them apart from their rack mates, however in today’s market, brand-new methods to take in marijuana appear so often that it can be tough to maintain– specifically when it pertains to brand-new analyses of the modern e-rig or electrical dab rig.

The bulk of electrical dab rigs are portable, battery-powered systems that efficiently vaporize focuses at low, medium, and heats. For the a lot of part, these gadgets are comprised of a percolator, a ceramic or quartz heating component, and a battery users can charge with a micro USB. Auxo’s Cira falls in line with this bulk, and for some extremely distinct factors, stands out.

Whether you’re purchasing, or have actually simply bought among your own, here’s whatever you require to understand about Auxo Cira.

What is the Auxo Cira?

Auxo is the brand name and the Cira is its flagship vaporizer. The Cira works likewise to commensurate vaporizers; a special, macaroni-shaped water chamber and bell-jar real estate fit comfortably atop a titanium or quartz nail (or bowl for the unaware), which stresses the top of the Cira’s narrow, rectangle-shaped body.

On one side, a digital display shows temperature level readings from a patent-pending heating wire with a series of 450 ° – 1000 °.

How Does the Auxo Cira Work?

Right out of package, the Cira is mainly user-friendly as far as assembly and ease of usage goes. The unusual shapes of the glass, the real estate, and the charging plan just require a minute of factor to consider prior to the gadget is prepared to load. The instructions themselves are set out in an easy, triple folded one-sheet, not unlike the hyper-simple directions one gets with a click-together bookshelf or bedframe.

The Cira uses exclusive heating innovation to equally disperse and keep accurate temperature levels to a titanium or quartz bowl, which customers can screw in at the gadget’s head. The glass part of the Cira is likewise particular; the glass is connected to the body by means of a hand-blown dome that links to a percolator mouth piece and holds about 2 tablespoons of water. The different, weighted charging base keeps the system well balanced and stable.

Once put together, you might pack the nail/banger with a concentrate of your option, then push the power button to trigger the gadget. Next, you can control the heat manages to your wanted temperature level– or remain on the default 450 ° setting– and double click the power button to turn on the heating coil. The digital face on the side of the Cira counts the degrees as the temperature level increases, then counts below 20 when the temperature level has actually been reached, providing you a 20- 2nd window to take a draw or 2. That hang time can be increased by 15 seconds if you double click the power button within 10 seconds of the countdown.


To put together the Auxo Cira, connect the portable body of the gadget to the weighted charging base. Next, insert either the titanium or the quartz banger into the top of the gadget and screw till tight.

Attach the silicone carb-cap leash to the much shorter column of the glass component, and after that slide that barrel-shaped system over the nail. Connect the carbohydrate cap to the other end of the leash and your Cira is prepared for usage.

Changing temperature levels

Temperatures on the Cira can be handled through 2 little buttons simply listed below the digital face of the side of the gadget. The system defaults at 450 ° however can use temperature levels as much as 1000 °. To find your perfect temperature level, ensure your gadget is triggered and just utilize the + or – buttons above the power button to call the temperature level up or down.


The Auxo Cira charges by method of a detachable charging base that links through a consisted of USB/DC cable television and charging box. The base is technically detachable, it operates as the essential, weighted base for the gadget and need to be utilized as such, rather than for charging specifically.

Out of package, the Cira gets here with simply over half a charge, and a complete charge can be reached in less than an hour. Development is kept in mind by the portion on the digital face as the gadget powers up, and usage is not advised throughout charging.


The Cira’s cleansing procedure is relegated to the detachable nails and the glass percolator, both of which can be cleaned up through alcohol submersion. A fast swab with a q-tip post dab will lengthen the fresh surface area of the nail and a periodic isopropyl rinse ought to keep the percolator crystal clear.

Always wait till the gadget has actually cooled entirely prior to dismantling it for cleansing.

What’s consisted of?

Each Cira bundle consists of:

  • Glass percolator
  • Handheld battery real estate
  • Charging base
  • One titanium nail
  • One quartz nail
  • Quartz carbohydrate cap
  • Silicone carbohydrate cap leash
  • USB/DC charging cable television and charging box
  • Dab tool
  • Cleaning set (separately covered cotton bud)

The bottom line

The unusual shape and building of this e-rig feels both unwieldy and unneeded, specifically the removable charging base, without which, the gadget can not base on its own. The digital face makes temperature level management simple, however the 20- 2nd countdown and an absence of haptic feedback– the little buzz that informs you when your dab is “prepared”– can make complex the procedure, leading to lost, scorched focuses.

The huge temperature level variety successfully leaves out low-temperature dabbers, trafficking just to users who dab at temperature levels greater than the advised series of 300 ° – 500 °. In my viewpoint, the main appeal of the $180 Cira is visual appeal, therefore prospective purchasers, specifically puffers of the low-temp range, might wish to hang tight for the Cira 2.0.

Photos thanks to AUXO

Check out the AUXO Cira at auxo-official. com


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