Did You Know Your Cannabis Plants Can Have Nutrient Lockout? What Is It And How Do You Fix It?

What is marijuana nutrient lockout and how do you repair it quick?

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Nutrient lockout is one of the most basic issues weed growers face, and it is, by a stretch, a lot more troublesome than shortage of a nutrients seen in plants. Sadly, a nutrient lockout is not constantly acknowledged as what it is by less-experienced growers. Often enough, you’ll discover them doing the opposite of what is required to resolve the issue. From this shortarticle, you will discover how to determine nutrient lockout and, more mostimportantly, how to reward it and prevent it in the future.


Nutrient lockout takesplace when nutrient aspects such as iron, magnesium, potassium, and zinc are readilyavailable in the root zone, however your crop can’t take them up. It is possible in every growing medium, however it is more possible to happen in coco coir, soil, or rockwool.

The nutrient lockout might be triggered by the supersaturation of chemical fertilizers with a high salt level. At times, the oversupply of one aspect can outcome in the others being locked out. This is a extremely widespread problem that numerous growers have come to face. Another rather typical problem that can cause nutrient lockout is a incorrect pH worth in the medium of development. A extremely acidic or fundamental medium will lead to nutrient lockout. Ensure your pH level is really close to neutral, within 6.0-6.5.

As quickly as you notification your plants are in a nutrient lockout, it would aid if you were fast to respond. It is vital to reversing it in time to complimentary up the nutrients. If left ignored, nutrient lockout will ultimately outcome in a shortage of nutrients and kill your plant ultimately. To keep them safe, you will have to understand how to rectify nutrient lockout and recognize it. It is best if you have yet to face this issue. But, continue reading to discover how to prevent it lateron on.


A nutrient lockout can be difficult to recognize. Your weed plants can just appear to be suffering from underfeeding, while the real issue is something else. pH variations, overfeeding, or other difficult aspects that impact the plant’s root zone may be the cause.

Weed plants are quite fragile and need day-to-day care in order to obtain a favorable yield. Being anxious about your plants and interested in their wellness indicates you’re currently midway through the battle to recognize a nutrient lockout.

This health issue will make plants appear and feel weak. There will appear to be no development, and the leaves will start to yellow. Untreated, the yellow leaves will turn brown, curl up, and appearance charred.


Firstly, you needto validate that you are effectively dosing your nutrients. Then, makesure you’re using the proper mix of nutrients and in the proper amounts. This happens more with salt-based fertilizers as salts have the propensity to collect, modifying the pH of your medium. Hence, why inputting additional nutrients after recognizing a nutrient lockout isn’t valuable.

If you have madesure an perfect nutrient mix, next is to check that your pH is likewise outstanding. To do this, you’ll flush your growing medium. On the day you flush, go the additional mile on the day you minimize the humidity in your grow space to 49%. Flushing can damage the roots duetothefactthat it overwaters your root zone. This must be done for a lights-on cycle and a lights-off cycle.

Flush out your soil with fresh pH-balanced water. In the case of a hydroponic system, it will be enough to simply run a fresh option through your setup. The additional water gushing through your medium assists to break down the salt accumulation and makes nutrient uptake mucheasier. On finishing this procedure, immediately supply your plant its rightful share of nutrients and water option.

But, make sure you let the soil dry out . This is to enable the root to breathe, hence avoiding root rot.

The pH-adjusting option is likewise worth a shot.

These won’t wash away the salt build-up, however they’re effective in a nutrient lockout scenario.


When dealingwith a issue with your weed plant, experience is the finest instructor. Your capability to supply a service or not, as well as your understanding of how to prevent a future lockout, is what separates the kids from the males growers.

To keep plants in ideal health, routine flushes are suggested. Once at the start of the blooming phase and another midway through the blooming cycle.

It’s essential to understand that pruned plants will requirement less nutrients. This is practical, however not all growers believe about it. In pruned plants, there is less mass to be fed by the plant. Consider this when feeding your pruned marijuana plants.

If you mean to switch up your lighting and/or nutrient strategy, it oughtto be done gradually. Never make unexpected modifications, as it will tension the plant, and you may end up developing more issues rather of repairing one. Weed plants requirement time to adjust to brand-new environments. There are notlikely to be unexpected modifications in nature. At least a week oughtto pass when moving into plantlife and blooming phases. Do not modify the nutrient levels when moving to the flower space, as this will sluggish the plant’s development at a crucial time.

Bottom Line

Lastly, something that must be taken note of is the significance of utilizing good-quality supplements and natural fertilizers. As we oughtto understand by now, salt-based fertilizers motivate the build-up of salt in the root zone. Much like humanbeings, salt dehydrates the plant, stopping it from correctly soakingup the great things. Making usage of natural fertilizers doesn’t mean that it is difficult for there to be nutrient lockout; it simply makes it less mostlikely.

Many amateur marijuana planters endedupbeing victims of nutrient lockout, and professionals aren’t omitted either. Everyone desires their plant to get enough food to grow huge, healthy buds, however overfeeding is a bad concept. But now that you have the understanding on how to determine, fix and avoid nutrient lockout, the chance to attain a plentiful harvest and effective grow is yours.








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