Cannabis Chef Opens New Bar And Lounge In SoCal

Nostalgia Bar and Lounge is owned and ran by popular marijuana chef Chris Sayegh of The Herbal Chef, and it justrecently commemorated its opening in late February in Santa Monica, California.

Food has constantly been a part of Chris Sayegh’s life. From his younger experiences hosting cooking competitors in his momsanddads’ yard to his individual discovery of marijuana while studying molecular cell biology and physiology at the University of California, Santa Cruz, Sayegh’s impact on the cooking infusion of marijuana into fine dining is famous. His business, The Herbal Chef, hasactually been raising the bar of marijuana food greatly because its beginning in2013 He spoke with High Times in the February 2022 problem about his initially experiences with marijuana, and how it led to where he is today.

“Cannabis isworthyof to be acknowledged as the superfood it is and plated with other foods,” Sayegh informed High Times. “It’s method past time for restaurants to be informed to this point. In my mind, marijuana is simply another food at the table with the included perk of causing joy. My group and I witness this every time we feed our visitors. It’s not rocket science, it’s the science of foods that uplift and recover.”

Sayegh’s worths have led to the development of Nostalgia Bar and Lounge, a 21+ location that does not deal instilled food, however does deal a broad range of special menu products, live music, and finest of all, attracting CBD- and terpene-infused mixeddrinks.

The menu will modification routinely throughout each season, as according to Sayegh’s and Chef Jared Ventura’s existing motivations, to present raised meals that are influenced by youth food favorites. The present offerings consistof Branzino Fish & Chips, Lobster Roll with Caviar, Dry Aged Porterhouse Burger instilled with Wagyu Fat, Kobe Toast and Seasonal Trifles.

Back in 2018, marijuana mixeddrinks were prohibited by the Los Angeles Health Department till Assembly Bill 45 was passed—and legislated CBD in food, drinks, cosmetics and dietary supplements, as of October2021 Now Nostalgia will bring back the instilled mixeddrinks onceagain with an “Enchanted Tiki Whip” (a play off the popular Dole Whip throughout Disney style parks), “WooHoo” (inspired by YooHoo Chocolate Milk) and “How Many Licks” (with tastes that imitate that of a Tootsie Pop). Better yet, any beverage can be instilled with CBD or terpenes upon demand as well.

Nostalgia is likewise the location where the “Secret Supper Club”—a restricted, personal members-only “speakeasy”—is held. The Herbal Chef shared that it would be bringing the occasion back on April 4. The Secret Supper Club initially started in 2020, “in action to guidelines & policies that annihilated the Food Service Industry and continue to criminalize the usage of plant medications,” the Secret Supper Club states on The Herbal Chef site. The club welcomes 10-20 members to delightin a 12-course meal, consistingof instilled mixeddrinks and whitewine pairings.

Courtesy of the Secret Supper Club

“Each plate is skillfully dosed according to individual tolerance limits—our objective is to accent each meal with marijuana. We take every preventativemeasure to neverever leave our visitors sensation overloaded, however if you’d like to travel the stars—we’re more than delighted to accommodate.” Chefs Sayegh and Ventura concur that the motivation behind the Secret Supper Club is to commemorate marijuana infusions.

“The Secret Supper Club menu is about having a completely incorporated Cannabis Hospitality experience for our members and at its core, exceptional food and drink,” The Herbal Chef informed High Times.

With plenty of prepares for live music and a lot of enjoyment to follow Nostalgia’s distributing menu choices, we’re thrilled to see what this bar and lounge continues to deal residents and visitors to Santa Monica, California in the future.


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