Burner Distros – How Thousands Of Pounds Of Legally Grown Cannabis Ends Up On The Illicit Market

How do you purchase legal weed on the wholesale market and sell it on the unlawful market so you can prevent taxes?

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Thom Baccus on Thursday Mar 31, 2022

burner distro

I wear’t frequently sit up in bed due to a frozen shoulder, however when Kaitlin Domangue composed about “burner distros”, I term I was not familiar with, for this week’s WorkWeek on weed, I practically tossed my other shoulder out.  If you sanctuary’t subscribed to WorkWeek’s newsletter you truly oughtto, and Kaitlin is a budding superstar in the marijuana market.

I digress.

What is a “burner distro” and how is that assisting to put actually lots of lawfully grown and state-licensed weed on the illegal market?  While it constantly appeared big MSO’s had enormous grow abilities to grow method more marijuana than their dispensaries had paying consumers, were they doing that?  If so, what were they doing to the additional stash, no pun designated, they grew? Did it “fall off the back of the truck”? Well, turns out it did, just under a insane term called “burner distros”.

As Kaitlin and WorkWeek describe, a “burner distro” is the following:

The illegal market and legal market aren’t constantly combating each other, with legal marijuana growers havingactually been captured selling items to the illegal market.

This endedupbeing such a issue to the point that a independently owned California marijuana retail facility, HNHPC Inc, the momsanddad business of Catalyst Cannabis Co, submitted a suit last September in an effort to willpower this concern.

The claim declares that wrongdoers are purchasing marijuana circulation licenses called “burner distros” utilizing front guys.

These burner distros buy big quantities of legal marijuana at wholesale costs and then sell it out of the back door, preventing California’s taxes and usually selling the item through interstate channels.

So, to clarify, burner is simply that, a burner license is a marijuana licenses to buy wholesale marijuana and sell it at retail (distribution), just it presumed that the license will be utilized for some fast moves to sell weed on the black market, and then will not continue down the certification roadway to make the license last longer, like getting a retail area set up, certified softwareapplication, andsoon  Burner phone satisfy burner marijuana license.

“Distro” is brief for circulation license, so burner circulation licenses is simply that, get a legitimate license for the sake of lawfully purchasing wholesale marijuana on the legal market, however with the intent of selling it off on the prohibited market where you will make method more revenue by preventing the stiff level of California taxes.

If you read the WorkWeed post you will see this entire set up is due to the loophole in the seed to sale laws and tracking softwareapplication Metric.  Lawsuits haveactually been submitted in California to shot and repair it, however up till now the Department of Cannabis Control in California has not done anything about the legal backdoor setup.

Why buy on the legal market and sell on the prohibited market?  Bigger earnings by preventing the taxes and other expenses associated with lawfully selling marijuana from a shop to a shipment service. Some tax rates in California have strike 45% on marijuana purchases and that is a huge reward to take the item and sell it for money on the black-market order to increase your margins and success.

This is a growing pattern and not simply a California issue, as WorkWeed points out in Canada:

In Canada, it has likewise been long recognized that specific medical marijuana license holders use for consent to grow more marijuana than they requirement under Canada’s medical marijuana system to lawfully grow marijuana that goes to the illegal market.

Thankfully, as the costs of legal marijuana items continue to fall in Canada – the effect of this problem has decreased.

New York, while waiting for licensing to kick in and get began, hasactually seen a rush of prohibited sellers striking the streets by foot and by van and truck, selling unlicensed marijuana to customers.  Gifting marijuana, an early work-around in states like Massachusetts and DC, is now occurring in New York. Cannabis gifting includes the merchant selling something like orange juice or a teeshirt to a customer and as a complimentary present they likewise get a particular quantity of weed.  States haveactually upgraded laws on gifting and combining marijuana with other sales much muchfaster than California has moved to repair the seed-to-sale tracking loophole.

It does ask the concern, if California is severe about the issue, why not simply go to chambers, come up with an change or ruling, vote on it, and boom, issue resolved. Obviously, this has not tookplace and is taking so long to repair that the DCC is now part of a claim for not moving to repair this problem. Which leads to the next concern, why not?


Someone is making a lot of it with this loophole opening, and it might be more than simply a individual or 2 as well.

You haveactually heard of a speakeasy, a backdoor offer, and now a burner distro.





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