Best Strain For Your DnD Class: Part 2

Best Strain For Your DnD Class Part 2

Hello my lovely little nerdlets and welcome to part 2 of the best strain for your DnD class. Last time we looked at some basic classics including Wizards, Bards, Rogues and Fighters. This time we will have a look at a few less famous classes as well as some other classics. My recommendations are based on the general personality traits that come with these classes, though it’s a generalisation I’m pretty sure they will be spot on. But obviously if I am wrong then shush I’m not a mind reader you play how you want. 


This is one of my favourite classes and genuinely Druids are some of my favourite people. Your average Druid loves animals and nature while having a passion for the arcane. Druids are great because they vary from ferocious and cunning to sweet hippies that just want to make friends with mushrooms. They tend to get on well with animals and have the ability to transform into a variety of beasts, which can be very handy in battle. You’ve probably got a better chance of taking down an orc if you have a literal bear on your side. To play druids to their full potential you need to be caring, cunning, creative and clever. While being shapeshifters and fighters Druids are also often healers and friends to the plants, so let’s find something that suits both sides of that coin. Harlequin CBD feels like a great choice, even though my brain is telling me to go in the LSD direction. Harlequin has a level of focus to it that I think works extremely well for a Druid. However it is still a little trippy and happy with a nice relaxation that makes you feel at one with nature. 


This is my class and I absolutely love it because you can, once again, do whatever you want with it. Monks are masters of martial arts, they can use spiritual energy called Ki to do amazing things and can harness the energy that flows through their bodies. So basically if you combine a Monk with a Genasi like I did you literally get to be an element bender like in Avatar and it’s awesome. Being a monk does require a certain amount of focus but they are also known for being unafraid of battle and conflict. Monks are speedy and dextrous with an element of sneak. If you play this character right you can be a massive help to your team by acting as a scout or as a fighter depending on what your group. This does mean that, as a Monk, your attention can become scattered. I think that Zkittles is a great option for Monks. It is motivating and focused but also uplifting and happy. You can feel at one with your spiritual energy while having the drive and concentration to take out a whole group of enemies in one move. Playing a monk can be harder than other fighting positions so take what you can get in the focus department. 


Let’s talk about our lovely tanks, the Barbarians. Unlike the fighters Barbarians all tend to be of a pretty similar basic alignment. They care about duty, honour, and their personal code of conduct. They are often very traditional players who carefully consider everything they do and take full responsibility for the outcomes of their actions. Not really what you’d expect from a class labeled Barbarian. These characters also care a lot about family, tribe members and friends whilst also having an amazing sense of community. They aren’t exactly wild cards and they won’t fight for their own glory but rather to protect others. There is a good deal of intelligence involved in being a Barbarian as they can always find a way to turn a dangerous situation around. Barbarian’s are leaders and honestly I’m not sure they would smoke weed, but if they did I think it would be something like Charlotte’s Angel CBD. I see Barbarian’s as practical smokers so something regenerative after battle with low THC and high CBD. They aren’t as interested in the recreational high but want something that is relaxing, soothing and will help them recover after battle so they can be their best selves the next day. 


Let’s hear it for the healers, the characters whose primary focus is keeping the slightly madder more danger happy classes alive. That doesn’t mean that Clerics aren’t badass by any stretch of the imagination. They are powerful magic users that cast impressive spells that can heal friends or harm enemies. They are one of the more religious classes and each follow their own chosen deity. Clerics are firm believers in their gods and the power of this faith is what provides them with their magic. Often Clerics tend to be a little more sensible and stoic than other classes, focused on their sacred quest and supporting their group. These mystic healers are linked to both the mortal world and the planes of the gods. Basically they are like a super awesome magical priest. As far as personality goes this can vary, but often I have found Clerics to be the straight men of the campaign. While your Bards and Rogues are running around causing mischief, making immoral decisions to get what they want, and moving the party in increasingly bizarre directions, the Cleric is the voice of good and reason. I think of Clerics as using weed to aid in their rituals to help them speak to their god. For this reason I think we want something strong and meditative like Master Kush. This strain is strong and cerebral with a physically relaxing effect. Perfect for really zoning out and having a good old chat with your deity. With this strain a Cleric can lock themselves away from the distractions of the mortal realm and commune with the higher beings in peace. 

Now there are quite a few more I’d like to cover but at the risk of overdoing it I shall give you all a little while before we come back to the best strains for your DnD class, but I promise you we will be back. 

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