Best Sitcoms To Watch High

Best Sitcoms To Watch High

Now it’s the time of year where we have lots of friends and family coming to visit, or we are going to visit them, and we are in need of fun activities to do. Staving away boredom as we all wait for the big day can be a bit of a chore, so here’s an idea. Get high and watch sitcoms. The art of the sitcom was at its biggest in the 80s and 90s, or at least that’s where most of the most famous ones come from. This list will be largely influenced by which sitcoms I enjoy so I’m sorry that Friends isn’t on here, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Hopefully, you will all agree with or at least enjoy the rest of my suggestions. So here are, in my humble opinion, the very best sitcoms to watch while you’re high. 


I’m putting Frasier at number one because it was the inspiration for this post. Recently I had a pal visiting and he had the idea that we should have a smoke and watch the infamous ski lodge episode of Frasier. If you haven’t seen this episode it is perfect to watch stoned. Obviously, a primary aspect of the situational comedy is farce, but this episode takes it to a whole new level. A sort of living room play style scene where people are coming in and out of doors just missing each other, complete confusion about who wants to sleep with whom, and of course a deaf old man confusing the situation. Definitely watch this episode first. Although I would say overall that Frasier is a fantastic choice for stoned watching due to its fantastic writing, oddly calming style and hammed up acting. I have to say that overall this is one of my favourite things to come out of the 90s, but it’s even better with a joint under your belt. 


As some of you may know this show recently came onto Netflix, which is where I watched it for the first time in my life. At the start I was like alright, the standup is garbage but the show itself is oddly addictive. The reason I think it’s a great one to watch stoned is the way the show develops. In order for this to work you do need to binge it so buckle up and set some time aside. As the show goes on you watch the characters develop, the stand up change, and the stories get more and more bizarre. I promise you will go from the occasional giggle to quite genuinely laughing and enjoying how awful the characters are as people. When I was told that Seinfeld was the inspiration for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia I was confused but I definitely get it now. I do apologise for the stand up, it’s awful, but hopefully the increasingly surreal plot lines will make up for it. 

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia 

I’ll do this one quickly because I was aiming for a more vintage vibe, but now I’ve mentioned it. Though I don’t think of it as a sitcom it definitely is in a technical sense. It’s also just generally one of my favourite shows to watch while stoned. Again just watching the characters develop, and watching side characters deteriorate the more they interact with The Gang, is a lot of fun. This show is great if you want to laugh out loud a lot, if you enjoy messed up situations, if you like to be slightly terrified, and if you love Danny Devito. If you say you don’t love him then I’m afraid you’re a liar and you’re not allowed to read this anymore. 

That 70s Show

For obvious reasons this sitcom goes extremely well with weed. Watching a bunch of 70s teens get high in a basement and get up to all sorts of shenanigans is a fantastic way to spend a smoke filled afternoon. This is a much lighter and sillier option than our last one and is great for anyone who likes a classic sitcom, laugh track and all. If you haven’t seen the show it follows a group of teens as they navigate the 1970s, personal relationships, family, school, what have you. It’s full of vibrant characters, both the teens and the parents. I think I had a weird crush on Red when I was younger and watching this show. No you have daddy issues. That also may have been because I had seen him as the baddy in Robocop…I’m not making this better. Anyway, if you want something light, funny, and relaxingly heart warming this is the option for you. 

Party Down

I’ll chuck another one from the 2000s at you because I absolutely love this show. If you are a comedy fan I think you’ll recognise pretty much every cast member. It is about a catering company and follows them from job to job. It stars the incredible Jane Lynch as well as umpteen other incredible comedy actors. She’s just my main selling point because I love her and she’s amazing. If you want an old school, 2000s, raunchy and genuinely well written comedy I would certainly recommend Party Down. Also as they are caterers there is a fair bit of weed smoking in the show. 


Let’s finish off with something British, a fun sitcom about Ghosts who live together. Again if you are a fan of comedy you will likely recognise a lot of the actors in this show. It’s your classic young couple moves into an old property and starts to do it up without realising it’s full of ghosts. As so many British sitcoms are, this is dryly funny with a fantastic script that will have you laughing out loud for most of the show. A great option if you want something nice, upbeat and funny without a laugh track or too many Americanisms, no offence America our comedy is just different. Definitely a great option for a stoned afternoon on the couch while it snows outside. 

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