Best Dab Rigs In 2022? – 10 Dab Rigs That Are Changing The Dabbing Game This Year

What is a dab rig and and how do you choice out a excellent one?

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best dab rigs

Dab rigs are a requirement shipment technique for marijuana focuses. Due to its appeal amongst marijuana users, there are various brandnames.

Not everybody likes their marijuana herbs entire; some takepleasurein their extracts, resins, and oils, otherwise understood as dabs. Dab rigs are marijuana shipment gadgets developed to appearance like water pipelines. They are utilized to indulging in waxes, oils, and focuses.

This gadget can be made of different products, consistingof borosilicate glass and silicon. Its primary function is its nail or banger. The nail is more or less a bowl that can dealwith the high temperaturelevels from the beat source. Recently, producers haveactually started to present electronic dab rigs to the market. These dab rigs do not requirement handbook heat sources to get the dabs to the ideal temperaturelevel.

Best Dab Rigs In The Market

This is a curated list of the leading 10 dab rigs to make your shopping for dab rigs simpler. Whether you’re a dab rig lover or a beginner, the following dab rigs are the finest the market has got to deal you right now. These various brandnames are the 10 finest dab rigs you can discover at budget-friendly rates at online and physical shops today. Note that the following gadgets consistof standard/manual rigs and electrical dab rigs, as well as e-nails. They appear in no specific order.


The dab-rig is of premium quality and can be discovered at a remarkably budget-friendly rate. The Oil Pipe with Honey Pot was produced from heat-resistant borosilicate glass with a special honey pot style. The “honey pot” is the group’s creative method of camouflaging the portable nail that’s connected to the pipeline.

The group at Black Leaf made this gadget with enough space to home your focuses. The pipeline itself procedures 17.5 cm and will be a considerable component in your dabbing corner. The finest part is that it is portable and can fit inside your travel travelluggage.


The Heavy Duty Riggler is a portable dab rig that provides significant hits. The no-nonsense gadget is produced in the U.S. by the Higher Standards group.

This gadget has a distinct style that uses users the option inbetween a bowl and a banger. The sturdy riggler might serve as a dab rig and a bong. It’s more like getting 2 gadgets for the cost of one.


Produced from near-perfect borosilicate glass, the Concentrate Rig can standupto high temperaturelevels and sticky waxes. This gadget is finest fit to visual art lovers due to its modern art style by Keith Haring.

The Concentrate Rig has a water filtering system that warranties outstanding and excellent hits. You can likewise control the airflow of the vapor with the rig’s directional carbohydrate cap. The popular function of this dabbing rig is its stunning, premium-quality style that honors the tradition of K. Haring.


This is a hybrid dab rig that comes in the type of a switch. The gadget has a lasting battery that guarantees your dry herbs and focuses are processed on time.

The switch is simple to usage. It has 25 temperaturelevel settings for either oil or leaf modes. It likewise has a smooth style that stands out amongst other dab rigs. The switch’s self-cleaning mode conserves you from continuously cleaning or cleansing after every struck.


This is an accompanying gadget that makes your dabbing experience muchbetter. It works with all dab rigs to improve the water pipeline system.

You just requirement to fit it into location and watch it do its magic. The electronic gadget supplies heat for the banger and takes less than 90 seconds to prepare the struck. It likewise serves as a power bank for when the requirement develops.


This is best for resins and focuses. The Puffco Peak is a wise rig that provides high efficiency. This palm-sized gadget is simple to usage. It integrates the operates of a portable vaporizer and a dab rig to produce strikes with excellent tastes.

Equipped with a lasting battery, the Puffco Peak is best for fast strikes as it heatsup the focuses in 20 seconds or less.


This is an captivating borosilicate glass rig that is simple to usage and costeffective to purchase.

The Glass Oil Bong is a ideal example of both looks and performance. It comes with a stainless steel nail. This gorgeous rig is developed with green glass accents, making it comfy to hold onto for nevertheless long the session lasts.


This is a silicone-produced rig that is practical and provides an uncommon style.

The Kube rig is aesthetically pleasing and has a detachable borosilicate glass banger at the leading of the pipeline. This ensures users that it is heat resistant and safe to usage. Its little size makes it appropriate for being transferred around. You can shop the gadgets and their fittings in the stainless steel base supplied. All this for a extremely economical rate makes the Kube worth it.


This is another silicone dab rig. The Sidecar is an budget-friendly rig produced with silicone and borosilicate glass. It is heat resistant and simple to usage.

The primary function of this rig is its portable mouthpiece. This piece can be turned without jeopardizing the focuses within. The platinum silicone product makes it resilient and offers it a elegant appearance. If you have a restricted budgetplan and still desire quality, then the Eyce Sidecar is adequate.


The EHLE group put in the work when building this gadget. The Oil Rig Orange Flash is a portable rig at 15 cm in length.

The gadget was specifically handcrafted from borosilicate glass and is developed with vibrant orange accents that make it enjoyable to appearance at. It comes with a titanium nail that can manage the greatest temperaturelevels from the blowtorch.

There you have it!

These are the leading 10 dab rigs you can purchase at budgetfriendly rates. These gadgets are outstanding and deal premium dabbing experiences to customers. Whichever dab rig on this list you choose to purchase, rest guaranteed that you are getting your cash’s worth!








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