Australia: Child Sex Abuse Accused West Australian MP James Hayward’s Bail Conditions Altered To Attend Cannabis Forum In Queensland

ABC Australia reports….

A WA member of parliament implicated of kid sex offenses will be enabled to travel to Queensland to goto a three-day onlineforum on medical marijuana after a magistrate concurred to differ his bail conditions.

Key points:

  • James Hayward is on a parliamentary committee looking into marijuana
  • The court heard he requires to participatein the occasion to satisfy his responsibilities
  • A magistrate transformed his bail conditions to permit his participation

Former Nationals MP and member of the WA Upper House, James Hayward, has pleaded not guilty to 5 charges relating to the alleged abuse of an eight-year-old lady, which consistof procurement for an indecent act and consistent sexual conduct.

Mr Hayward appeared in the Perth Magistrates Court this earlymorning to demand a variation to his bail terms, which require him to report to a authorities station 3 days a week and not leave the state.

The court heard he might not satisfy his tasks and would have to resign his subscription of a WA parliamentary committee looking into the existing legislation and policies of marijuana and hemp if he might not participatein a seminar on the Sunshine Coast with the 4 other members.

The United In Compassion (UIC) 2022 Australian Medicinal Cannabis Symposium will be held at the Novotel Twin Waters Resort from May 20 to May 22.

Advertising for the conference spruiks the hotel as a “one stop place … on the lovely Sunshine Coast Queensland”.

“Consider staying on to experience all that the area has to deal from crystal clear beaches to experiences in the rain forest and picturesque Hinterland,” it specified.

The other 4 members of the parliamentary committee are Brian Walker, Matthew Swinbourn, Jackie Jarvis and Lorna Harper.

The court heard 2 parliamentary staffers would likewise travel to the seminar.

James Hayward sits in parliament wearing a mask

Mr Hayward states he requires to participatein the occasion in order to carryout his function on a parliamentary committee.(ABC News: James Carmody)

Mr Hayward has formerly specified openly that he means to stay a member of the Parliament of Western Australia and keep his income, duetothefactthat if he resigned it would sendout a message that any individual in public workplace can be eliminated by just making an untried claims.

MP goingto occasion regardlessof virtual watching alternative

The occasions on deal at the seminar consistof a trade exhibit, a two-day seminar and gala supper on May 21, however it does deal virtual watching tickets for all programs.

The state did not oppose the application.

A man in sunglasses with a microphone in shot.

James Hayward suggested he means to battle the charges when he dealtwith court in February. (ABC News: James Carmody)

Magistrate Heidi Watson approved the variation, stating she thought the requirement to safeguard the plaintiff and kids in basic would be satisfied under the variation.

Under his bail conditions, Mr Hayward is needed to check in with the Australind Police Station every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The magistrate concurred to differ 2 of his bail conditions so he was not needed to check in to the station as typical on May 20 and May 23.

But she bought that he not leave Melbourne Airport when transiting through there.

Mr Hayward’s bail conditions still need him to have no notbeingwatched contact with a kid under 16.

The magistrate stated Mr Hayward must lookfor suggestions from his attorney if he were to be seated next to a kid throughout the journey, although she keptinmind this was notlikely.


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