9 Classic Animated Characters That Were Probably High

Stoners have actually been discovered in animations because prior to Popeye initially slurped “spinach.” Marijuana becomes part of our cumulative culture, it’s mapped into our DNA. Even if you’ve never ever consumed it, you’ve most likely seen some part of yourself showed in among the numerous relatable stoner-implied characters from your preferred funnies. Considering that it takes one to understand one, numerous of the dankest characters fly under the radar.

For every apparent Shaggy/Scooby Doo slacker pot friend personification, there is a couch-locked Snorlax, medicinal-use Eeyore, and high-functioning Jane Lane/Daria Morgendorffer inner circle. The last couple of years of animated programs lines up immaculately with the prevalent normalization of marijuana, and the requisite animated pothead has actually ended up being an anticipated supporting, if not straight-out primary, character.

Here are a couple of animated characters we like to presume take part in a periodic puff pass, and some pressures that may assist you get on their level.

Futurama: Fry

Phillip J Fry matured in the ’80 s in NYC. He remained in a breakdancing team, he provided pizzas on a bike, and he had a lovable pet dog. We have all smoked mids from an acrylic bong with this man.

Fry’s pressure: It was most likely a Northern Lights b-bud grown by someone’s cousin. Ahh, memories.

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Adventure Time: Marceline

If you’ve heard the collection of Marceline the Vampire Queen, then you most likely currently captured a whiff of her cool-art-stoner visual. Homegirl composed a whole legendary ballad transmuting extreme sensations of adult desertion into a parable about a papa taking his child’s hot fresh French french fries. Renowned stoner-art-girl habits, truely.

Marceline’s stress: Her preferred stress? Red Congolese naturally.

Find Red Congolese stress

Spongebob Squarepants: Patrick

Patrick seems like the supreme affable, cuddly stoner. The buddy you would get silly high with, consume a stack of food, then babble at till you both chuckled yourselves to sleep.

Patrick’s pressure: He kinda seems like a full-spectrum, low-cannabinoid kind of bruh who keeps a bag of Harlequin in the stash box in case things get too spacey.

Find Harlequin stress

Hey Arnold!: Grandpa Phil

This guy made numerous referrals throughout the totality of Hey Arnold! regarding just how much of a baked hippie he was.

Grandpa Phil’s pressure: Considering how typically he discussed the variety of brain cells he ‘d lost in his “youth,” I ‘d peg Phil for a fan of pressures like Alaskan Thunderfuck or Purple Chemdog.

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Clarence: Chad

Cartoon Network’s Clarence includes a daddy figure called Chad whose recommended poteheadedness is a running, yet wholesome, joke. Audiences in the understand can even see his stash when the 2 take an outdoor camping journey in season one and an open glove box exposes, for a short minute, a ziplock bag half loaded with green.

Chad’s stress: What’s in his bag? Probably Pineapple Express.

Find Pineapple Express stress

We Bare Bears: Ice Bear

Ice Bear is the polar bear of this program’s titular trio of brothers/roommates. His monotone pacing, imperturbable personality, and give-no-effs ambiance is actually chill AF– likewise, Ice Bear resides in a freezer.

Ice Bear’s pressure: He most likely smokes weed stress like Ice Cream Kush, Ice Cream Cookies, and Ice Cream Cake, however whether he’s hotboxing the deep freeze, this character is plainly imbued with spotless stoner energy.

Find Ice Cream stress

The Simpsons: Otto

Otto, a grade school bus chauffeur, stumbling out of a cooking store called Stoner’s Pot Palace while whining, “That is ostentatious incorrect marketing, male,” will never ever not be amusing.

Otto’s pressure: Even though he’s drawn as more of a cautionary tale than an aspirational stoner, I still believe Otto would smoke top-shelf flower. Most likely something in the Cheese household.

Find Cheese stress

Jem and The Holograms: The Misfits

Jem and the Holograms might have been the headliners, however all the cool kids wished to socialize with the Misfits, arch opponents to the Holograms, and seasonal bag gal archetypes.

The Misfits’ pressure: These girls were partying in car park, constructing out with whoever they desired, and cigarette smoking a lot LA Confidential prior to their programs that they ought to’ve gotten a crucial to the city.

Find LA Confidential pressures

Gumball: Richard Waterson

The stoner guardian as a comical trope has actually developed to fit the period, evidenced by Richard Waterson, animated daddy of 3, consisting of Gumball‘s titular character. Richard is a good-natured, airhead papa who anybody acquainted with wholesome stoner fathers would acknowledge simultaneously. He consumes whatever, he takes a snooze all over, he comprehends next to absolutely nothing, however he enjoys his household.

Richard’s pressure: To me, he seems like a papa that simply dabbed some uplifting White Papaya.

Find White Papaya stress


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