5 Biggest Pot Related Stories Of 2021

Given the activity in the news cycle throughout 2021, a few of the more difficult to think or unwise newspaper article might have flown under your radar. An unexpected number were marijuana associated in one method or another.

As the preconception around marijuana continues to develop, it’s safe to presume that the most unexpected cannabis-related newspaper article of 2022 will make this list look like kid’s play. Here’s a little tasting of a few of the more unforeseen weed stories of the year.

5. The Majority Of Massive Marijuana Brownie of All Time Unveiled by Scientists

When it pertains to cannabis edibles, it’s reasonable to presume that since 2021 most marijuana lovers have actually seen them all at this moment. That was likely the case prior to Massachusetts-based marijuana business revealed an 850 pound marijuana– instilled brownie on National Brownie Day The business produced the supersized stoner treat to accentuate its brand-new brand name of edibles called Bubby’s Baked.


The edible includes 20,000 milligrams of THC and steps in at 3 feet large and 3 feet and 15 inches high. The previous record for the biggest brownie was set at 243 pounds. Needless to state the record set by the Bubby’s Baked brownie is most likely to stay in location for a long time.

4. Cannabis Use Among Teens Falls in Midst of Reforms

When it concerns the legalization of leisure marijuana, among the greatest objections advocates handled from opposition was that youth intake would increase. The early outcomes reveal those issues have actually been disproven to state the least. Throughout 2021, teen marijuana usage dropped from 11% to 7% for 8th graders.

teens high school
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

For 10 th graders, rates of cannabis usage fell from 28% to 17%. There are various elements that might have added to the decrease in teen cannabis usage like school moving to remote knowing which eliminates from peer pressure. Taking that into factor to consider, rates of teen cannabis use will continue to be something to see heading into 2022.

3. Jaleel White of Family Matters Launches Cannabis Brand

Jaleel White might be finest kept in mind for the time he invested in tv as Steve Erkel, however marijuana lovers will be associating him with something completely various quite quickly. That’s since back in April he decided to introduce his own marijuana line called ‘itsPurpl’. He partnered with 710 Labs to introduce the pressure throughout California back on April 20 th, more passionately called 420.

Jaleel White
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

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Among his inspirations for beginning the marijuana brand name, he stated he intends to expose stereotypes connected with marijuana and commemorate medical developments too. He hasn’t been the only star to get associated with the marijuana market recently, so it’ll be fascinating to see which stars follow his steps in 2022 by beginning their own marijuana brand names.

2. Sha’Carri Richardson Suspended From Summer Olympics Over Cannabis Use

American track feeling Sha’Carri Richardson took the country’s heart this summer season after getting approved for the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Her charm and design was similar to Florence Joyner back in the 1980 s, so to state she had the assistance of both casual fans and die-hards of the sport would be an understatement. That’s why viewers could not think the IOC prohibited her from the Olympic Games after returning a favorable test for THC.

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Poll Finds Women Oppose ShaCarri Richardsons Marijuana Ban While Men Support It scaled e1625680324975
Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Sha’Carri declared she utilized marijuana to assistance deal with the tension of losing her mom, however that didn’t matter to the IOC as they continued to prohibit her for one month as a penalty which disallowed her from contending in the video games. The protest that arised from her being prohibited from the video games didn’t enable her to complete, however did raise sufficient attention that enables fans of the Olympics to hold out hope that they will ultimately reverse their position on marijuana usage amongst professional athletes.

1. 54% of Republicans Support Legalizing Recreational Cannabis

Among the most unexpected weed associated headings to reach news sources throughout 2021, the one more than likely to trigger readers to do a double-take is that 54% of republican politicians now prefer federally legislating marijuana.

The assistance republican politicians have for the federal legalization of cannabis might result in a totally various landscape for marijuana customers and financiers in 2022 and beyond. That’s the case since republican legislators might start to increase the pressure on President Biden to enact cannabis-friendly legislation faster instead of later on.

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There are currently various expenses that have actually been presented by Republicans that would federally legalize and tax cannabis. Getting examination from both sides of the aisle might be precisely what it considers the Biden administration to make much-needed legal modifications to federal marijuana laws.

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