Sitting at house with some excellent weed and time to extra? Anime is constantly a safe bet for a pleasing high. While any anime can technically be excellent to watch high, some will raise your experience so much more. From trippy visuals to fancy fight scenes, check out our leading 10 suggested anime to binge while stoned.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Anime to binge stoned.

How far will you go to make your dream come real?

Don’t be deceived by PMMM’s pastel scheme, nor be charmed by the women’ adorable gowns reminiscent of Sailor Moon. Urobuchi remains real to his fondness for macabre as we follow Madoka’s journey to challenge her fate as a wonderful woman. Combined with psychedelic battle scenes and an enthrallingly ominous soundtrack, you may simply binge this in one go.



If you sanctuary’t seen Akira, you’ve at least heard of it. Under the amazing city lights of Neo-Tokyo, one red-suited cyclist gang leader races versus time to conserve the world from his finest pal. As the heart of the cyberpunk category, it’s just right to offer this timeless a watch (or a rewatch), with a joint in hand.

Mawaru Penguindrum


Highly vibrant and extremely intriguing, Penguindrum takes the story of a woman with terminal healthproblem to Freudian wonderland. Alongside its coming-to-age narrative, Kunihiko Ikuhara weaves in delicate social commentary and recommendations to Tokyo’s 1995 train sarin attack.



This motionpicture is the things dreams are made of, actually. Satoshi Kon invites us to a thrilling chase from physical world to dream world. Dream therapist Dr. Chiba, alter-ego Paprika, deciphers her clients’ subconsciousness as she help an examination to capture a dream terrorist who threatens the bounds of truth.

If this plot sounds familiar, that’s duetothefactthat Inception was very liberal with taking motivations. But rest ensured, Paprika’s surreal animation cannot be discovered anywhere else.

Your Name

Your Name. Anime to binge stoned

A breathtakingly gorgeous romantic dream, Your Name informs a transcendental story of love as Mitsuha and Taki switch bodies and everyday lives. Its spectacular series of cityscape and rural surroundings definitely bewitches. For those who takepleasurein a heavy focus on visualappeals, certainly provide this motionpicture a attempt.


Nichijou. Anime to binge stoned.

With a peaceful art design to depict the everyday lives of high school ladies, Nichijou is whatever however serene. Unafraid to take its jokes to the next level, its gags function extreme, action-filled animation on par with shounen giants. From a gay pornography caring sixteen-year-old lady to a mad researcher and her android, you’ll discover yourself laughing so hard that your stomach injures.


Mononoke. Anime to binge stoned.

What sets Mononoke apart from other scary anime is a vibrantly ukiyo-e animation design, transforming ghost stories to a brand-new level of spooky. Its secrets are as engaging as they are terrible, and you’ll discover yourself coming back for more.

Tekkon Kinkreet

Tekkon Kinkreet

Sit back and let yourself drift away to a various world with this visual banquet.

Tekkon Kinkreet follows orphaned youngboys Black and White as they make their keep in the extremely animated Treasure Town. Its unconventionally elegant rustic cityscape is refreshingly distinct, yet too typically forgotten by the anime neighborhood.



Hailed by its fans as the go-to stoner anime by its surreal action scenes and whimsically metaphorical discussions, FLCL is a fever dream. But wear’t anticipate a meaningful narrative. This program chooses to reveal its coming-to-age aspects with intoxicatingly puzzling characters, which may simply be what your high requirements.

Space Dandy

Space Dandy

Bounty-hunters and aliens, requirement we state more? Shinichiro Watanabe recreates his cherished Cowboy Bebop as a slapstick experience, following Dandy and team from world to world. Despite its galactic empires, parallel timelines, and multiverses, this program declines to take itself seriously. If you’re looking for some enjoyable, Space Dandy won’t dissatisfy.

Well, see you, area cowboy. Wait, no. Stay dandy, infant.

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